Watch: 5 Comics Who Know Exactly How You Feel About School, Exams, Cheating & Absurd Classmates

By Jaanvi Advani 13 August 2019 2 mins read

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There’s nothing we enjoy more than reminiscing about our school days. Nostalgia for the win. And who better to articulate the absurdities of growing up than comedians?

Here are 5 comedians throwing it back to school days, exams, cheating, classmates… and if their own stories have even an iota of truth to them, especially about the state board, all we’re left thinking is: DAFUQ was going on there?

1. Siddharth Dudeja – Schools, Opinions & Beggars

Siddharth Dudeja would have kept his opinions anonymous (incidentally, also his favourite poet’s name) if he’d known what a massive scam the SSC is. Your mistakes can be overlooked in a government school, as long as your teacher comes from one too and has no idea WTF is going on.

2. Sumaira Shaikh – Main SSC School Ki Hoon

In which Shaikh tells us that Dead Poet’s Society just couldn’t have been a thing in an SSC school, and how World War documentaries have spoilers in them! “Hand-me-down books with notes scribbled in pencil…you must be an SSC student,” she concludes, but isn’t that just about everyone?

3. Anirban Dasgupta – Subjects in School

After going through a series of frustrating jobs himself, Anirban Dasgupta now wonders aloud if his PT teacher really had the job satisfaction everyone deserves. Also, what’s with expecting us to learn about gravity in the first lecture and then buying into Hanuman’s flying story in the next?

4. Manik Mahna – Classmates

In one of his most popular bits, Mahna talks about how writing OM on every page of the answer sheet was the thing that united the classroom, regardless of which region/religion anyone came from. Copy wisely, kids. You don’t want to be an Anshul.

Mindblasting bonus: the absurd shit that goes down in a boys’ hostel.

5. Chinmay Mhatre – Fat Shaming

In which Mhatre tells us how nuanced all the gaalis were back in the day, and how they turned everyone into an alliteration expert in school. “SSC school ke ho toh sensitivity ko g**nd mein daalo,” he teaches us.


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