Watch: Absorbing Documentary Follows Comedian Aakash Mehta on His Gruelling Tour Schedule

By DA Staff 24 January 2019 2 mins read

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Standup comic Aakash Mehta has risen to considerable fame in the past few years owing to a steady release of YouTube videos, each of which has garnered millions of views. This newfound popularity has enabled him to travel to different parts of the country and solidify his fanbase.

But in Ab Mujhe Funny Banna Hai, a documentary by Sumedh Natu (shot on an iPhone) covering the tour of his latest trial show, Half Baked, when Mehta is asked how he’d rate himself, he shrugs, makes an unimpressed sound, and says, I’m like a 6 and a half outta 10,” before adding as an afterthought, “And like an 8 if you really get into what I’m trying to do.”

The documentary is an absorbing watch of around 20 minutes, offering a close look at Mehta’s grueling tour schedule, and his approach to his craft. “I just get up on stage and tell the truth, and they laugh, every single time,” Mehta says at one point. The comedian’s excitement at his success is palpable through the film. “Dates aa raha hai,” says Mehta as he excitedly shows off his brimming calendar that he calls a “colourful motherfucker”.

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