Watch: Gaurav Kapoor’s Latest Video Is A Reality Check On Rich People, Lifebuoy & His Nano

By Mihika Jindal 2 April 2019 2 mins read

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Gaurav Kapoor’s comedy is replete with bizarre insights, wordplay you often don’t see coming and topics that are still relatively unexploited. In his latest video, released on 1 April (one of the few things on April Fools’ Day that wasn’t a joke but was full of them), Kapoor talks about the rich, how spoilt they are, and makes a direct comparison with his life.

For instance, he can’t wrap his mind around his rich friend getting a new Skoda Laura after smashing a Honda City, while his family always cut the Lifebuoy soap in half to be used at two places at the same time. And then he takes the audience with him on a ride in his own Nano, which he compares to an adventure sport.

“Nano is not a car, Nano is an emotion. Ki beta zindagi mein thodi mehnat karo, aur ek Alto khareedo.” If that rings a bell, watch his fun take on things here:


Mihika Jindal


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