Star(bucks) Spotting: 6 Comedians Obsessed With the One Place They Love Complaining About

By Andrea Tanvi Sunil 8 August 2019 2 mins read

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Ever feel like casually stalking your favourite comic? Wondered where you could possibly bump into them IRL? We’ve figured it out! Pop into a Starbucks near you and lie in wait. Given how often the coffeehouse comes up in their standup sets, that’s got to be where these mysterious creatures end up most days of the week—in India and abroad.

Here are six comedians who can’t seem to get enough of the place.  

1. Vijay Yadav – Starbucks and Hospitals

In this video, Yadav confesses his love and affection for both Starbucks… and hospitals, through anecdotes of the first time he had the dhaai-sau waali coffee, and drowning his chacha (uncle) in the bathtub of a hospital bathroom.

2. Shridhar Venkataramana – Air Strikes, Game Of Thrones & Starbucks

Shridhar Venkataramana has some wild thoughts about things that can be done with the free Wi-Fi at Starbucks, especially when people are calling your name out loud (and all wrong)!

3. Shimit Mathur – Starbucks, Homeless, Acche Din or Sex

Mathur is bemused by the honesty of the baristas who work at Starbucks and their ability to get people off of their asses because there’s nothing they take more seriously than calling out your name.

4. Elon Gold – Starbucks

A vintage piece of comedy, if we may: comedian Elon Gold speaks of his wicked scheme of throwing bizarre names at Starbucks’ servers, because they have to say it, no matter what.

5. Pablo Francisco – Black People at Starbucks

A Hispanic man taking a dig at black people might seem risky, but it’s hilarious. Ever wondered why are people having such a tough time at Starbucks? Francisco has it all figured out.

6. Nathan Fielder – Dumb Starbucks

Lastly, comedian Nathan Fielder decided to parody the coffee chain to help a small business owner earn money, and look what it turned into! 


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