7 Times Aakash Mehta Dropped His Guard And Bared His Soul On ‘Social Currency’

By Amrita Chanda 6 July 2023 2 mins read

Aakash Mehta won Netflix reality show 'Social Currency' and along with it, a lot of respect for keeping it real amongst influencers with far more social media clout. Here are his best moments on the show!

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Aakash Mehta has knocked it out of the park with his debut performance on the recent Netflix reality show Social Currency. From starting with the lowest follower count against seven powerful influencers, the comedian has not only managed to win the damn thing but has also earned some respect for being real and inspiring in the format. So, if you’re late to the party, here are seven heartwarming moments where Aakash Mehta dropped his guard and bared his soul.

The show’s first offline challenge took place at a nightclub. Mehta, who suffers from anxiety, comes clean about his issues and reassures the viewers that “it’s okay to acknowledge that you need help”.

“Every light is brighter but every visual is blurrier” is how Mehta describes his hypersensitive anxiety triggers. The brief moment he takes to get through a panic attack and get back to the task at hand is nothing short of commendable.

This is peak Mehta. The comedian wins his first solo challenge and immediately gets awkward with all the attention he’s getting. Classic.

Mehta gets called out for being insecure and accepts his shortcoming without any caveats. Refreshing.

Mehta shows up for mental health again on the show as he calls his superhero avatar Mr. Hug and his campaign #HugDeIndia in a clip where he addresses his depression and encourages people to be more compassionate.

Mehta has been a music nerd for a long time and he uses that to his advantage. From being the anxious one to the guy who had four minutes to spare on the last task – Mehta surprised us all with his chill.

He was the underdog on the show, not understanding trends and going up against seven experienced influencers. But guess what? The comedian ended up bagging the title and a whopping prize pool of INR 50 lakh! Like Mehta says, “Is there anything artists can’t do?”

A special shoutout to Urjita Wani and Shreyas Manohar who were part of the writing team. Reality shows barely have any good lines and it’s a great thing that Netflix thought of putting a bunch of comedians in the writer’s room for this one.


Amrita Chanda


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