9 Adorable Finalists From The 2021 Comedy Pet Photo Awards

By DA Staff 5 October 2021 2 mins read

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For many of us, COVID-19 meant spending a lot more time with our pets—which was definitely a win for us (though not always so for our furry little friends). Two weeks in and they were giving us the same look of disappointment our parents do when we’ve spent the entire day just sitting on the couch scrolling on our phones. But it also meant that we could document their daily shenanigans, from full-fledged zoomies to laundry basket peeping toms.

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards have announced the finalists of their global photography competition, which aims to celebrate these moments. An initiative started by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam to celebrate the role of our pets in our lives, this year the competition has partnered up with Animals Friends Insurance to donate £10,000 to animal welfare charity Animal Support Angels.

Here’s nine of our favourites from the 40 finalists. So get ready for some furry goodness, and remember to go check out the full list of entries!

1. Main Bhi Ronaldinho

Image: Christine Johnson

2. Post Break-up

Image: Kathryn Clark

3. Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls

Image: Kenichi Morinaga

4. The Tarantino Shot

Image: Sophie Bonnefoi

5. It’s A Pawry!

Image: Mollie Cheary

6. You’re In My Spot

Image: Suzi Lonergan

7. Honey, Can You Get Me A Beer?

Image: Julien Gloria

8. Tell Me You Farted Without Telling Me You Farted

Image: Zoe Ross

9. Caturday Casuals

Image: Danielle Wood


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