Abish Mathew, Urooj Ashfaq, Kunal Rao & Shashwat Maheshwari Lend Their Voices To Animated Series ‘Domain8’

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 10 January 2024 2 mins read

Karan Asnani's animated mini series 'Domain8' features a voice cast starring Abish Mathew, Urooj Ashfaq, Kunal Rao and Shashwat Maheshwari.

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Comedians Abish Mathew, Kunal Rao, Shashwat Maheshwari and Urooj Ashfaq star as voice actors in Domain8, a new animated mini-series that dropped on YouTube last week. Domain8 has been written, directed and co-produced (along with his company Myoho Films) by Karan Asnani, the director behind a number of Indian standup specials and web-series, including Jaspreet Singh’s Koi Load Nahi, Sumit Sourav’s Vansh Ka Naash, Anirban Dasgupta’s Take It Easy, Kunal Rao’s Done and the Sumukhi Suresh and Biswa Kalyan Rath starring Amazon MiniTV series Hum Do Teen Chaar.

Available in Hindi and English, the bite-sized five-episode series (with each episode having a run-time of roughly five minutes) chronicles the tussle between Proxy Torrentino (voiced by Kunal Rao)—a tyrant who has held back access to the internet from the residents of the fictional town of Cryptopur—and Codec Encoder (voiced by Urooj Ashfaq), a teenager determined to rebel against Torrentino’s oppressive ways.

Mathew, who plays the narrator for the English version (Maheshwari assumes this role in Hindi), tapped into the skills he learned as a professional radio jockey for Hit 95 FM. “Asnani gave me the opportunity to explore various approaches to the narration, which I hadn’t done since my radio days,” said Mathew. “The entire experience of working with Karan was nothing short of someone consumed by a vision. He’s done some great work in comedy and I was excited to get the opportunity to collaborate with him.”

Rao, who had previously collaborated with Asnani during the recording of his Amazon Prime Video special Done, was also eager to hop onto the project. “During our many conversations I had mentioned to him that I would love to voice an animated character,” said Rao. “He remembered that and he called me saying he had a character for me. He had an interesting approach to my character, asking me to play it calm but also slightly more evil. It was a fun experience overall.”

All five episodes of Domain8 are available on YouTube.


Shantanu Sanzgiri


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