Amit Tandon Drops The First Video Of His Six-Part Special ‘Masala Sandwich’

By DA Staff 8 August 2023 2 mins read

Amit Tandon has dropped the first video of his six-part standup special titled 'Masala Sandwich' on YouTube. Check it out now!

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Comedian Amit Tandon announced the release of his third standup comedy special (second full-length special) Masala Sandwich—to be released in six parts on YouTube—via an Instagram post on 17 July. With the first part (titled Udhaar) dropping last week and racking up a million views, Tandon has joined a growing crop of Indian comedians who are releasing their tried-and-tested material directly to YouTube. He plans on releasing a new part every Friday for the next five weeks, with the second instalment slated for release on 11 August.

Ahead of the first video’s digital premiere, Tandon had organised a special screening in Mumbai for comedy insiders. Amongst the attendees were peers such as Punit Pania, Atul Khatri, Anirban Dasgupta and Sundeep Sharma, comedy veterans including Johnny Lever and Ali Asgar, and DeadAnt founder Ravina Rawal.

“I had sent the script to a streaming platform and they returned it, asking me to make it a little ‘edgier’,” Tandon told the audience during a short speech at the premiere, explaining his decision to go the YouTube route. “Ultimately, I didn’t sell the special to a platform. But Masala Sandwich is still a big deal for me, so I’m taking it to YouTube and treating it like it should be treated. Like a special!”

Like his previous specials, Masala Sandwich will also be chock-full of Tandon’s incisive observational humour which draws inspiration from his domestic life.

Check out the first part of Masala Sandwich now and stay tuned for new releases every Friday.


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