Be A Bassi: Anubhav Singh Bassi Hits 3 Million Subscribers On YouTube, With Only Four (!) Videos

By DA Staff 29 July 2021 2 mins read

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Anubhav Singh Bassi rarely misses. One of the most consistently funny comedians on the circuit, this “lawyer turned UPSC aspirant turned entrepreneur turned stand-up comedian” from Meerut has built a staggering fanbase in four quick years. Despite maintaining a relatively low profile on social media platforms, his fans are loyal and his shows are always sold out (‘Bas Kar Bassi’ travelled to over 40 cities). In 2020, he also won the award for Best Breakout Performance at the DeadAnt Annual Comedy Awards (DACA). 

A craftsman of anecdotal comedy, Bassi loves dragging us back to our younger days by the ear, gleefully reminding us what a miracle it is that we got this far, considering all the shit we pulled growing up. He tells good stories, and he takes his time with them, fleshing out the narrative with act-outs, asides and punchlines that almost always land where he wants them to. And he’s relatable as all hell.

Hitting the 3 million subscriber milestone on YouTube is as good an excuse as any to check out the comedian’s channel and revisit the bits he’s most famous for. Especially since there are only four of them available right now.

Cheating (54M Views)

Bassi’s first video to go viral was ‘Cheating’ (54 million views) in 2019, with the joke that whole auditoriums can now chorus back at him: “Pehle toh main college pahuncha, mujhe ganja mil gaya. Maine phoonka, semester khatam ho gaya. Maine 6 mahine itna phooka na, do baar toh main Shivji ke sapne mein aa gaya.”

But the focus is really on his confusion at failing college exams, leading him to co-create a cheating committee made up of Noida gujjars and Meerut Muzaffarnagar jaats, and the hilarious coordination fails that followed.

Waxing (33M Views)

Men being alarmed at how much pain is involved in the various cosmetic processes more strongly associated with women is not new. Until you hear Bassi panic-splain his waxing experience with Manju aunty from Urbanclap, “maut ki saudagar”. Choosing from the available “flavours” was easy enough (“sabse sasta kaunsa hai?”) but when the wax starts heating up and Manju aunty calls for backup, he’s suddenly not feeling so smug anymore.

Hostel (46M Views)

“AIEEE mein meri rank aai 3 lakh-kuch. Yaar, maine internet cafe pe result dekha, aur main ghar tak apni rank hi bhool gaya.” Another unforgettable line comes from his 2020 video on what life in a boys hostel in his law school days was like (“boys hostel mein rehte hain jaanwar, jo bol sakte hain”). Also featured: Old Monk, a water cooler, a three-pin plug and a warden with options. 

Roommate (27M Views)

The latest video to drop on his channel three months ago, in this one Bassi talks about living with a roommate. The alcohol is flowing, clouds of smoke abound, they’re even figuring out how to clean the place. But things go south when his roommate’s father shows up and roomie starts spouting Eminem lyrics. Bassi himself is enjoying telling this story so much, it’s impossible for us to not giggle uncontrollably along. 


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