India’s Top Comedians (Clearly) Have No Idea What to Do with Themselves in Quarantine

By DA Staff 17 March 2020

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It’s official, social distancing is the only thing to do right now. Coronavirus is travelling across the globe, and self-quarantining can really slow down its spread. And while you might see this as an opportunity to catch up on your reading, workout at home for 30 straight days, pick up a hobby or binge-watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine again (there’s no judgement here)…actually your favourite comics do too.

Forget observational sets, this is the most relatable they’ve ever been. Don’t believe us? Please enjoy this compilation of some of India’s best-known comedians trying to entertain themselves at home. It’s both a little sad and also quite wholesome.

Vir Das is vlogging

30 days, 30 new hobbies.

On Day 3/30 (yesterday), he joined TikTok.

Angad Singh Ranyal is wearing flip-flops

Angad Singh Ranyal is living life dangerously, and wearing chappals on his bed, while watching TV. One user basically said what we were all thinking: “Bed pe if I wear flip-flops I will receive a flying flip-flop from my mother… #brownpeoplethings 🙄”

(Something to try doing because you have nothing else to do: Say ‘Flying Flip Flop’ three times, really fast!)

Urooj Ashfaq & Abhishek Upmanyu are cooking

What’s cookin’ good lookin’? Urooj and Upmanyu are serving up delicious Dal Makhani (that’s tastes like Kaali Dal, sorry Urooj) and even more delicious banter.

Errr…Rahul Subramanian is feeling funky?

If you need Andy Reghu, he’ll be in his cupboard.

Samay Raina is organising the giveaway we all need AND deserve.

Varun Thakur is showing off.

Rohan Joshi has given up…

…trying to pretend to be interested in socialising with humans, and now exclusively spends time with his pet babies, Arya and Louie.

Daniel Fernandes is saying things as they are…

…while also catching up on video editing backlog.

Aditi Mittal continues her Work(out) From Home.


Sumukhi Suresh is PLAYING US ALL…with her big announcement posts.

Especially after THAT ending of season two. Wow.

Punit Pania is doing god’s work by dispelling Corona myths

He’s also calling people out for spreading false information and ‘rumour-mongering’.

We know it’s ABSOLUTELY NOT OKAY to mingle but man, Azeem Banatwalla is making this too hard.

Put down the beer and go wash your hands, Azeem!

Sapan Verma working from home is the most relatable thing ever.

Akshar Pathak is pointing out things we may never be able to un-see.

Siddharth Dudeja came up with this genius ukelele pun.

And, finally, Shashwat Maheshwari is using this as an opportunity to work on some new material.

And that’s five minutes of the day you’re never getting back; at least you had no other plans.

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