5 Videos In Which Buzzfeed India Aced Their Sketch Game

By DA Staff 26 March 2019 2 mins read

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Through its humorous content reporting, personal essays, videos and memes, Buzzfeed India has considerably shaped internet culture in India. Here are five of the funniest videos by Buzzfeed India—dominated by the one and only Srishti Dixit, surprising literally no one.

5. Dixit takes tropes of Big Boss and applies them in her real life with hilarious consequences.

4. Buzzfeed India’s wholesome incorporation of family member of staff writers in sketches is highly endearing—as seen here. That entourage of mothers hooting, pointing, mocking and shouting in the sketch need their own spinoff ASAP. 

3. And once again, Mallika Dua proves her comedic chops—this time by playing the bizarre, lovable character of Parlour Didi and attacking Dixit till she eventually fights back.

2. This timely and hilarious sketch should be mandatory viewing for all men with inflated delusions about their private parts and lack of understanding of women’s boundaries.

1. “Do not try to question me and do not try to patronize me. Do not try to be aggressive with me.” Shayan Roy channels his inner Arnab to hilarious effect.


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