Watch: Rahul Subramanian is Throwing Videos Into The Internet, Caught The Latest?

By DA Staff 3 April 2019 2 mins read

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Is there anything more delightful than Rahul Subramanian in a bad mood? This time, he’s both upset with and confused about Bangalore, which he lays into with trademark ease and angry hair. He covers the city’s most popular frustrations; weather, traffic, airport, roads, and auto rickshaw drivers, complete with a callback to his most famous bit and a clarification on French fries. Yes, it’s your regular checklist of complaints, but it’s the unexpected punchlines and cracker delivery that make it worth nine minutes of dropping everything else you’re doing.

FYI: Subramanian released another video last week from the same set, which means that he’s almost ready with a new hour, as these bits gets discarded five minutes at a time. A good time to catch him live, then? Mos def. Watch this space (our events section, rather) for updates.


DA Staff

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