Comedians On Tour Selling Tickets: 10 Questions With Naveen Richard

By DA Staff 3 October 2019 2 mins read

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You might know him as Uncle Francis, one of the Star Boyz, founder of Them Boxer Shorts, ventriloquist Albert, or the disgruntled librarian from Pushpavalli. Or you may know him simply as the guy made of rubber, because we’ve never seen anyone with as many high speed facial contortions per minute. From sketch comedy, web series, standup to judging comedy reality shows and rapping in videos we didn’t know we needed, most days it feels like Naveen Richard is everywhere. Like god? But also unlike god, because his existence is not debatable.

Either way, India’s Mr. Bean is shifting gears again, and this time he’s hitting the road. Kickstarting his comedy tour Relatively Relatable, Richard is performing across India all through October. Here’s all the information you need to choose the right gang to catch his shows with.

1. Quick! What’s this show about?

It’s has a fair share of observational humour. And a fair share of personal anecdotal humour. And a smidge of weirdness here and there.

2. How many shows are you doing across how many cities?

Seven or eight cities and around 10-14 shows. All in one month. Except the one in Bangalore, which is in November.

3. How long has it taken you to come up with this material?

It’s been a little over a year now. Ever since the last special. So I’ve been doing some of these bits in some cities. But a lot of it is new. And those [earlier] bits have evolved as well.

4. Is this leading up to a recorded special for Amazon Prime Video or Netflix?

It will be going on Amazon eventually. Not sure when, though. Let’s see…lets’ see…

5. Why should we watch it live?

I have a habit of changing up the timing of every joke and adding little tags in every show based on the audience that day. Every show is always just a little bit different. I’m sure it’s the case with a lot of comedians. But there is always a difference between the number of new tags with a good crowd and a great crowd.

6. Is it “woke”?

Haha. It isn’t ‘un-woke’ I hope. I don’t address woke issues as such. But I do address some stereotypes.

7. On a scale of 1 – IHaveNoControl, what level of facial elastics can we expect in this new hour?

If my last special was at 9.5, this time it would be a solid 7.5.

8. Do you enjoy sketch comedy or regular standup more?

Sketch feels safer because you have someone on stage with you. Standup is more lonely. But sketch involves a lot more work and you can’t break the fourth wall… I love them both equally.

9. What have you been working on besides this in the last year?

A show here and there that’s waiting to be released. A lot of musical comedy that came out a few months ago. And now this. Just standup.

10. Can you recommend some facial exercises for us to do while we wait for you to hit the road?

Don’t hold back when yawning!

The show hits Goa, Mangalore, Manipal, Delhi, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Kochi, Pune, with a LIVE taping in Bangalore. Get your tickets NOW!


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