Watch: Conan O'Brien 'Emanates Calm & Reason' in His Coronavirus Tips Video

By DA Staff 12 March 2020 2 mins read

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Between the WHO declaring COVID-19 a pandemic less than 24 hours ago, and Tom Hanks going under Down Under, coronavirus feels like its getting closer every minute. “Some people are even starting to panic,” Conan O’Brien declares. But not him. No, sir.

The comedian and talk show host hasn’t even given his staff the day off yet! In fact, in a quick bit from the latest episode of Conan that just released, he’s standing uncomfortably close to a whole bunch of them. Over seven minutes, we watch Conan give his staff unsolicited advice on how to prevent the spread of this contagious disease, as he valiantly tries not to completely lose his mind.

Avoiding handshakes, screaming at everyone, making everyone wear rubber masks, getting age-shamed, playing the guitar, debating vitamin supplements and licking his associate producer Jordan Schlansky’s face… like Schlansky says, “I think it’s [all] out of place, socially speaking.”

Watch the video, wash your hands:


DA Staff

Damn straight. Dead Ant has staff. You’d better believe it.


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