DA Weekly Roundup: 5 Best Comedy Videos That Dropped Last Week

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 22 March 2021 2 mins read

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It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another DeadAnt roundup of the best comedy YouTube videos released last week! After a long drought, we’re still getting used to seeing those notifications from our favourite comedians popping up regularly again, so it’s safe to assume that you are too. But, just in case, here’s our pick of the most fun new comedy releases of the past seven days.

1. Neeti Palta on Intolerance

Neeti Palta is back with her topical comedy and satirical zingers in new standup video Neeti Palta on Intolerance. The Delhi-based veteran comic Palta shines a spotlight on the political climate surrounding standup comedy in 2021, and makes some hilarious observations about FIRs, Munawar Faruqui, and “safe jokes”.

Stick till the end to listen to some funny tweets that she only “thought of”, because putting them out is too risky nowadays!

2. Mohit MoraniPlease Don’t Interrupt

“Show karna bhi ek maut ka khel ban chuka hai aajkal,” says Mohit Morani at the start of his latest crowd work video. It makes you wonder if he’s talking about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic or the ongoing “I am offended by this joke” pandemic.

In this clip, Morani talks to a disruptive audience member who turns out to be a maths teacher in Noida; and two company secretaries who take a toll on his self-esteem. Crowd work require you to think quickly on your feet and Morani nails it in this clip.

3. Rajat Chauhan as an Archer

In another crowd work video, comedian Rajat Chauhan talks to some single guys on Valentine’s Day and questions their decision-making skills when they crash a friend’s date.

The video hit 1 million views in less than a week, thanks to Chauhan’s witty repartee with some “struggling” actors, which included an ingenious method of losing weight! Stick around till the end to see how the comic deals with audience members who get their phones out during a show. #SpoilerAlert, he brings out a bow and arrow!

4. Rae SanniBaby Boomers’ Problems With Millennials

Millennials are the Baby Boomers’ favourite punching bag, blamed for everything from TikTok to the economy. In this clip titled Baby Boomers’ Problems With Millenials, comedian Rae Sanni gives it back, pointing out the dark blotches (child abuse, sexism, slavery) that mar their made-up utopian past.

She also talks about being obsessed with the Kardashians and growing up in Brooklyn’s East New York neighbourhood, which has given the world an impressive number of both rappers and murderers.

5. Gaurav KapoorGaurav Ki Fass Gayi

Crowd work has become incredibly popular in the Indian standup scene since the lockdown, and that shows on this list as well. In yet another crowd work video, Gaurav Kapoor rants with great passion about people whose voices don’t match their faces, and toots his own horn while he’s at it.

The comedian goes on to relive the horrific experience of getting his “member” caught in a zip and the hilarious solutions his family members came up with.


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