DA Weekly Roundup: 5 Must-Watch Comedy Videos Released This Week

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 30 June 2021 3 mins read

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Things are slowly looking up for comedy fans in the country. Venues have started socially distanced shows for people who have received their vaccines and comedians are stepping out to test new material at the shows. But if the anxiety of being amongst strangers gets to you, fret not, we’ve compiled some of the funniest comedy clips so you can still get your dose of the best medicine from the comfort of your home.

In this week’s DA Weekly Roundup, we have Shreeja Chaturvedi’s YouTube debut and Gaurav Kapoor’s take on schoolkids’ obsession with slam books. We also have Rahul Dua’s crowd work video, Raunaq Rajani’s anecdotal set about smoking, and—for our international fans—an 18-minute compilation of Iliza Shlesinger’s best standup bits.

1. Shreeja Chaturvedi –  I Like Bad Boys

Shreeja Chaturvedi has dropped her first-ever standup video on YouTube and we couldn’t be more excited. The comedian brings her deadpan demeanour to the video platform in her new video I Like Bad Boys.

Chaturvedi tries to relate to her audience with jokes about sleazy men and stray dogs… as if there’s a difference between the two. But these relatable situations quickly escalate into extremely specific and wildly outlandish scenarios, with the comedian dropping punchline after punchline with her signature finger-guns cueing the laughs.

Watch the video till the end to find out which famous ‘90s duet Chaturvedi sang with a burglar.

2. Gaurav Kapoor – Slam Book & Roadies

Gaurav Kapoor has been busy with his vlogs all pandemic. But now, the comedian has returned to his home ground of standup comedy after three months, and this time he’s talking about every schoolkid’s most prized possession (slam-books) and their favourite TV show (Roadies).

Where there is nostalgia, there is cringe. Imagine going through your Facebook timelines and scrolling down to some of your first “status updates”. Gaurav Kapoor has some similar takes about slam-books.

The “chhota chamgadad” (IYKYK) also has a Roadies contestant in his audience. Now, which comedian can resist that? Watch the entire video to watch Kapoor grill this contestant non-Roadies style. 

3. Rahul Dua – Custom Officer, Drugs ft. SPL Audience Performance

Comedian Rahul Dua has been “in conversation with songs” and showing off his skills in the kitchen lately. But the comic has taken a break from that to return to what he does best—observational comedy.

In his newest crowd work video, Dua’s sense of humour is complemented by the extremely supportive crowd that serves him punchlines on a silver platter. He also uncovers some truths about the customs officer life. What do they do when they find some “illegal substances”? The video also features a Hindi viva and an impromptu drum performance which “in hindsight was a bad decision,” jokes Dua. 

4. Raunaq Rajani – My Dad Caught Me Smoking!

Father’s Day just went by but it’s never too late to make jokes about your dad’s poor selfie game and his extremely “uncle” Whatsapp messages and forwards. Raunaq Rajani has had it with his dad’s morning selfies but they’re not as annoying as the *MUST READ* news forwards. Because if it says that, it must be true.

But before we get to the point where we can make fun of our fathers, we’re all a little scared of the disciplinarian, right? Right? Wrong! Raunaq has never shied away from pointing out his dad’s glaring mistakes from the looks of this video. Even when his mom tried to guilt-trip him by blaming herself, the comedian stood up to defend her… by blaming his father equally.

But no Indian kid can get away with smoking. Watch the 12-minute video to find out what happened when the comic’s dad caught him with a cigarette. Bonus: The clip is riddled with some A-grade Sunil Shetty puns. 

5. Iliza Shlesinger – 18 Minutes of Iliza Shlesinger

If you’re a comedy fan and haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Iliza Shlesinger. The comedian has four Netflix specials to her name and the streamer’s YouTube channel put up an 18-minute goldmine of the best jokes from her specials Unveiled, Confirmed Kills, Elder Millennial and Freezing Hot.

The comedian takes aim at weight loss programs, rejection in dating life, phone holsters and a lot more. Check out the clip now, and if that leaves you wanting more of Shlesinger’s classic zingers head on over to Netflix and binge-watch her specials! 


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