DA Weekly Roundup: 7 Must-Watch Videos Released This Week

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 3 April 2021 3 mins read

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We’re back with another (slightly delayed) edition of our DA Weekly Roundup, bringing you the funniest videos we came across YouTube this week. This time around, we’ve supplemented our staple standup clips with a hilarious vlog and even a ventriloquist! Let us know which video you loved the most.

1. Mohd SuhelComplicated Movies

Mohd Suhel is enjoying his time as the new comic on the block. The comedian was posting videos quite regularly during the lockdown, and has been hitting the stage week after week now that the lockdown has been lifted.

In this clip, Suhel talks about the absurd things friends say to get you to watch a film or show of their choice. Why would I watch something that’s going to make me go mad? Come on! The comic also touches upon the recent trend of movies with convoluted plots. Watch till the end to hear about the masterplan that filmmakers have cracked to keep people happy!

2. Shashwat MaheshwariNCB Drug Raid

After a year-long break from YouTube, Comicstaan contestant Shashwat Maheshwari is back with a brand new set seemingly inspired by all the TV-news watching we’ve been doing lately.

The NCB’s high profile crackdown on drugs in Mumbai’s entertainment industry gets a lot of play, naturally. With so many of the seizures involving small quantities of marijuana or hash, Maheswhari wonders about the amount of resources being extended to catch, well, stoners. They’re exactly the most secretive bunch, after all. But don’t worry, Maheshwari has figured out the most efficient way to deal with those raid-happy narcs.

3. Kaneez SurkaThe Apocalypse Is Here! (Vlog feat. ChefTZac)

Kaneez Surka has been putting out some fun vlogs over the last few months documenting all her (mis)adventures across the country. From going tile shopping with Prashasti Singh to reading Urooj Ashfaq’s future, our ‘Queen of Improv’ has always kept it fresh and wholesome.

This time around the comedian goes foraging for ingredients in Bandra (WHAT?!) with her good friend Chef Thomas Zacharias. Surprisingly, the duo manage quite a good haul and the food wizard weaves his magic to make a delicious looking dish!

4. Daniel FernandesAmerican Finds Love In India

A year of being restricted to Zoom shows has made crowd work an essential part of Indian standup comedy. Thanks, COVID-19. In his new video, Daniel Fernandes riffs on an international couple in the front row, before launching into the nuances of online dating.

Always quick on his feet, Fernandes fires off constant zingers that will have you in splits. The comic also makes some sharp observations about longterm relationships, and how low the bar is for men in general. Stick around till the end to witness one of the weirdest things to ever happen on a stage!

5. Rohit ShahAds, AC, and World Peace

Rohit Shah, better known as Denial Sloss on Twitter, released his first YouTube video this week.

The comedian—who makes some hilarious puns and observations in his tweets—brings it to the stage, talking about actors who endorse products that they absolutely do not use. and how a chilled climate is the solution to all the anger issues in the world. The comic has figured out the secret reason for schools having summer vacations as well.

6. Sriraam Padmanabham Bitter & Frustration

Smokers have always been the butt of most jokes. (Amirite? No? Okay.) Sriraam Padmanabham takes that thought as the basis of his trademark intelligent observations that leave the audience with a lot of food for thought.

Watch him turn the tables on the smug self-righteousness of non-smokers and lampoon the quintessential anti-smoking ads we’ve all seen in cinema halls. There’s also enough hilarious jabs at (unnamed) fellow comedians and Comicstaan (and himself) to fulfill your weekly drama rota.

7. Seema Golchha – Ventriloquism with Jack Denials

Ventriloquism and comedy go hand in hand like peanut butter and jam. We all remember Jeff Dunham’s sometimes controversial act with Achmed the Dead Terrorist, but puppets have a long history on the comedy stage. This week, we came across a local ventriloquist act with Seema Golchha and her snarky little puppet Jack Denials. The comedian has adorable banter with the rudely cute puppet, who responds with constant truthbombs about Golchha. Watch the video till the end to see this harmless looking puppet dish out zingers that will have anyone crawl back into a hole.


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