DA Weekly Roundup: Watch This Week’s Top YouTube Clips While You Wait For The ‘Barbenheimer’ Premiere

By DA Staff 17 July 2023 3 mins read

DeadAnt Weekly Roundup features the best standup comedy videos and vlogs released on YouTube in the last week.

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This was a high-octane weekend. Between watching Tom Cruise’s killer stunts in Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning and Carlos Alcaraz’s absolutely phenomenal performance in the Wimbledon final, we were perpetually at the edge of our seats. So, today it’s time to kick back, relax and laugh at some good ol’ comedy. We’ve put together the best of the week in this DeadAnt Weekly Roundup. All you have to do is hit play.

Adesh Nichit – Instagram & Pataal Lok 2

If you’ve been on the ‘Gram long enough, you know every living creature has an account now. Yes, there are pages that are dedicated to dogs, cats, lizards, plants. You name it. Comedian Adesh Nichit can’t wrap his head around this fact. But he’s found a great way to use it to his advantage. Nichit is also dropping some deets about his recent trip to Dubai, roasting Spice Jet Airlines and talking about the luxury of owning a house in Mumbai in this 12-minute clip.

Laura Peek – She’s So Horny for Me It’s Insane

I would imagine, it gets a little too annoying for women to be hit on constantly. There’s nowhere you can go without a man trying to impress you with his basic achievements and mediocre charm. Laura Peek has found the perfect way to get them to leave you alone. She’s also found a silver lining to this very grey cloud. In addition to dishing out dating advice, the comedian is waxing eloquent about her home state’s weird drink of choice and her mother’s obsession with her personal life.

Ramsey Badawi – Hiring A Hitman For Cheap

Do you remember how people took up different hobbies during the COVID-19 lockdowns to keep themselves sane? They started knitting, writing music, reading. Some people, who were craving human interactions, joined film groups and book clubs. Comedian Ramsey Badawi’s yearning for some kind of structure in his life got him involved in a very different kind of group altogether. A terrorist group to be precise. Spoiler alert: These are all jokes, he didn’t really join ISIS. But he’s got some killer jokes about this very absurd hypothetical situation. Also in his line of fire: rumours started by him which ended in his colleague getting fired, Uber surge charges and lastly… hiring a cheap hitman. Watch the entire clip now!

Anand Rathnam – Best Sperm in India

We’ve all had those evenings with friends where we drink a little more than we should and then dive into emotionally charged conversations about art, politics and the world economy. Some of us might have indulged in this activity over the weekend that just passed. Comedian Anand Rathnam had a similar experience recently but his conversation steered into a very different direction. He started sympathising about… sperm? Think of all the things they could have been. They had dreams and ambitions. All of them destroyed in the blink of an eye. Rathnam is also making a case for why he’s one of the best sperm in the country. You gotta hear it from the comedian himself.

Rivu Ganguly – Life Mein Thrill Chahiye

Comedian Rivu Ganguly is really upset with the importance that the human heart gets. Everything revolves around this one organ. Listen to what the heart wants, love with your heart, take care of your heart and eat right or you’ll clog up it up. It takes precedence over everything. So much so that just to make room for this organ, the left lung had to sacrifice its size and be smaller. Imagine how much easier it would be to smoke if both lungs were of the same size. This is just one pearl of wisdom from Ganguly’s 10-minute set. Check it out now!


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