DeadAnt Weekly Roundup: Latest Standup Videos To Get You Through Your Monday

By DA Staff 8 May 2023 4 mins read

DeadAnt returns with its roundup of the best standup comedy videos and vlogs released on YouTube.

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As another week of meetings that could have been emails and packed local trains stare you right in the face, here’s a little something to help you deal with the Monday Blues. It’s going to put a smile on your face and make the most boring task a little brighter. No, we’re not talking about that! We don’t want any beef with the NCB. We’re talking about standup clips that you can enjoy while you’re having lunch or when you want to drown out that annoying coworker and their stupid personal problems. We’re back with another instalment of DeadAnt‘s Weekly Roundup, where we highlight the top standup clips and vlogs that dropped on YouTube during the last week.

Today we’re featuring a deleted scene from Rahul Subramanian’s crowd work special Rahul Talks To People and a vlog from the sets of Shark Tank India brought to us by the show’s new host Rahul Dua. Harpriya Bains makes her debut on YouTube after five years in the standup game. Finally, we have some overseas representation with a clip from Emil Wakim who’s talking about the “shame museum” we call home and a playlist of short jokes from some of our favourite international comedians.

Rahul Subramanian – Crowd Work Special Deleted Scene 2

If you enjoyed Rahul Subramanian’s crowd work special Rahul Talks To People—which has received critical acclaim from fellow comedians and most importantly… us (jk)—you’re in luck. The comedian has been uploading bits that didn’t make it to the final cut but were clearly too good to let go of. In an interview with DeadAnt leading up to the release of the special, Rahul spoke about the editing process and the challenges of cutting out some parts. Those interactions have found a special place on YouTube.

The second deleted scene from the special was uploaded to the Random Chikibum YouTube channel—shared by Rahul and fellow comedian and friend Kumar Varun—last week and it’s a hoot. The comedian is having a chat with a “Customer Success Manager at an IT company”. Yep, Rahul was just as curious as us to know what that job involves. The sad news is, the man is confused about it himself. But the good news is, it opens the doors to some A-grade crowd work, something that’s in Rahul’s wheelhouse now.

Harpriya Bains – Carry on Mummy

Another comedian has thrown their hat into the YouTube ring. Harpriya Bains, mother of four (in descending order of love: her dog, two daughters and husband) uploaded her first YouTube video last week after being in the standup game for 5 years.

Titled Carry on Mummy, Bains is dropping truth bombs and attacking the patriarchy one joke at a time in the 14-minute video. The comedian is amused by the number of “rebrandings” the homemakers of our country have gone through. But those aren’t the only subjects in her crosshair. Bains is taking aim at mid-life crises, following your passion in your 40s and “supportive Indian families”. With a debut worth noting, the comedian is someone to look out for!

Rahul Dua – How I PRANKED everyone on the sets of SHARK TANK INDIA

Rahul Dua was handed over the reins to host Shark Tank India in its second season. While he couldn’t go all out with his humour on the reality TV show, Dua did end the season with a classic roast of all the sharks on the show, which we featured in the last Roundup. But there was more in store. We were treated to another behind-the-scenes video which dropped on the comedian’s YouTube channel earlier this week.

A vlog from the sets of Shark Tank India, the video features interactions with the investors, some shenanigans the crew got up to and a prank, all of which come with a hefty side of Dua’s comedy. We don’t want to ruin anything so just hit play, will you?

Emil Wakim – Going Back Home Is Like Visiting a Shame Museum

If you’re someone who lives away from home, this video is going to remind you why you haven’t booked that flight back even after the expiration date on the “pandemic excuse” is long gone. Who would want to go to a house full of people who are a walking-talking encyclopedia of all your most embarrassing moments? Not to forget the added stress of being called out for your facial hair or the weight you’ve gained.

Emil Wakim’s performance on Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents starts by addressing this topic that hits way too close to home (Geddit?). Aptly dubbed a “shame museum” by the comic, Wakim lists all the reasons why he doesn’t like going back to where he grew up. The comic has some funny observations about communicating with conservation parents, especially after you’ve come out to them. The comedian ends his set on a high, talking about what it is to be truly free and where watching skateboarders lies on the sexuality spectrum.

20 Jokes in 20 Minutes

If you’re short on time and are looking for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of your workday, this is the video for you. As the name suggests, there are 20 jokes in 20 minutes from some of America’s top comedians including Esther Povitsky, Gabriel Iglesias, Leslie Jones, Mark Normand and more. Just click on any timestamp and you’re sure to get a laugh. Whether you’re looking for some relationship humour or an edgy joke to give you a jolt of energy!


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