Between Dad Jokes & Attempts to Embarrass Their Children, Comedian Dads Are the Full Package

By Jaanvi Advani 16 June 2019 3 mins read

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Is parenting funny business? What’s it like to have a professional comedian for a dad? Is it eyerol(o)ls all the way, or do they also succumb to dad jokes like regular humans? There are a few dads in the comedy scene—some with toddlers and some with teenage kids. From using their kids for social media cred to trolling them on their personal feeds, here’s every kind of dad in the scene right now:

1. The “I’ve Got This” Dad: Angad Singh Ranyal

EIC’s Angad Singh Ranyal had a baby girl earlier this year, and has been sharing his experience—and advice (!)—in tiny bits on his Instagram. Between lassi drinking and exercise, he thinks he’s got it all figured out already. LOLOLOLOL.

2. The “Na, Simran, Na” Dad: Jose Covaco

Jose Covaco has always racked up mega points for being funny but ever since his 3-year-old daughter came into the picture, he’s been winning hearts for being a doting father as well. He frequently shares snippets of their time together, and genuinely gets choked up every time Chloe leaves the house—often with her mother to visit her grandparents while Jose holds down the literal fort he’s built for her at home. But nothing chokes him up more than when she says “I don’t like boys, dada”—he hasn’t misheard that for sure.


3. The “My Insta-game is better than yours” Dad: Atul Khatri

If you think comedians are just using their own social media to make jokes, you’re wrong. Some have their insta-game so sorted they move on to their daughters’ profiles to continue the hilarity. With every post Mishti Khatri uploads, whether it’s her kick-boxing or playing with their dog, Butter, One-by-two comes and reminds her of her responsibilities—how the toothpaste tube needs to be capped or how their “maal” is over and the dealer needs to be contacted ASAP (Is he the coolest dad or what?) Mishti, “If you’re done trying to Instagram stuff, can you please remember you have a comedian father who will crack a joke on every post you make?”

4. The “Most Dad Jokes Ever” Dad: Sorabh Pant

From festival photo shoots to documentation of their usual antics, Sorabh Pant’s feed is dominated by the cuteness of his little ones. Sometimes, they’re even pun targets, the “most dad puns” pun targets. We’re wondering if there’ll be another Rant of the Pant(s) but just the babies going, “Why dad, why?”

5. The “I have every right to embarrass you” dad: Amit Tandon

The one who’ll drop you right at the school gate, will insist on being around your friends and will photobomb all your selfies. Clearly the one on whom the concept of age is lost. From having his kids open for him at a show to taking embarrassing videos with/of them, there’s a lot of feels on Tandon’s feed, which might be cute for him, but maybe not so much for his children.

6. The “Ye mere genes hai, ye mera baccha hai” dad: Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta, known for being a Baniya on and off the stage, and a proud one at that, seems like he’s constantly looking for his genes in his little angel too. How else to explain this excitement which Gaurav feels when his little one shows uncanny fascination with moneh! It’s the quintessential “OMG, I’ve created a mini me” type of dad. Proud ain’t you, Gauruv Gupta?

7. The “I’m your friend” dad: Anshu Mor

The one who ‘grams’ with you, tries to be your pal, embarrasses you like your friends do and usually fails, but his efforts are cute nevertheless—the comic with the teenage son—Anshu Mor is trying adorably hard to navigate his way through parenting while being best buds with his son!


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