‘We Live in a Time When Making Basic Anti-Establishment Jokes Is Seen as a Revolutionary Act’: Kunal Kamra, on His Latest Standup Clip

By Ravina Rawal 14 March 2019 2 mins read

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Kunal Kamra’s latest YouTube video is an excerpt from his special, ‘Fresh Thoughts’

Main seedha Ambani ko vote kyun nahin de sakta?” Kamra laments in the opening of this YouTube video, an excerpt from his one-hour special Fresh Thoughts that he’s been touring with for close to two years now. Showcasing a comic in top form, the clip is a painfully funny 12-minute smackdown on Modi, the Ambanis, and being called a dharam virodhi by bhakts, besides suggesting candidates (Ratan Tata vs Mukesh Ambani) for the upcoming 2019 General Elections.

It opens with a track by Dub Sharma, scathingly written by Sumit Roy, and has crossed over two million views in two days, besides being circulated wildly on WhatsApp groups and creating chaos across Reddit.

Kamra himself remains unfazed. “This is a basic set of jokes, but we live in a time when telling basic anti-establishment jokes is considered a revolutionary act, and hence these will get more love than they creatively deserve,” he told DeadAnt, dismissing the current virality the video is enjoying.

That it’s up on his YouTube channel means he’s retiring it from his live act, which we’ve reviewed in full here. He is still touring Fresh Thoughts “till I get fresher thoughts”, replacing these 12 cracker minutes with newer material. We cannot recommend it enough.

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Ravina Rawal

Ravina Rawal is the founder and editor of Dead Ant.


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