8 Comics Who Are as Frustrated With Cabs & Auto Rickshaws as You Are

By DA Staff 25 April 2019 2 mins read

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Are you ever as impatient as you are when waiting for a cab? Do you feel disoriented whenever the cabbie asks you for directions? Do you live for the banter of your auto-wallah? Does getting rejected by an auto rickshaw destroy your self-esteem? These comics know exactly what you’re going through.

1. Ain’t nothing like an autowallah who rejects you in style, according to Srijan Kaushik.

2. Kunal Kamra doesn’t think India deserves Uber at all in the first place.

3. Ashutosh Gupta is of course taking an Uber Pool because majboori, but wonders why everyone else is choosing money over time.

4. OH NO, did Uber/Ola send you a damn Wagon-R AGAIN? Shashwat Maheshwari understands your frustration.

5. If all goes according to Siddharth Dudeja’s plan, Elon Musk won’t have anything on autowallahs riding to Mars.

6. Biswa’s trigger point is the way cab driver greet on phone. “Helllaw…”. Also, GPS is a myth.

7. Ever thought twice before handing out ratings to your cab driver? Vinay Sharma has done a whole thesis on it.

8. Ever asked a cabbie if he knows the way? And then received an absolutely absurd answer? Karunesh Talwar knows exactly how that feels.


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