‘Kyaaa Yaars’ to ‘McNuggets’, 7 Comedian Friendships That Inspire #BFFGoals

By Jaanvi Advani 4 August 2019 4 mins read

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Kenny Sebastian instantly turns around to look at Kanan Gill when someone says something wack on Comicstaan. Prashasti Singh and Aishwarya Mohanraj share screenshots of their call durations (current record: two hours). Rahul [Dua] complains about his ‘buddha’ roommate Nishant [Suri] sleeping too early, even on weekends. The ex-SNG boys seem stronger than ever after their messy breakup. Biswa [Kalyan Rath] is at (civil) war with Kenny and Naveen [Richard] for mocking him. Sumukhi Suresh and Kaneez Surka working out together is the only fitness class anyone wants to be at. And of course there’s all the endless spamming in each other’s comments section across platforms.

They’re all super tight off-stage, off-set and outside writers’ rooms (or are at least doing a great job at pretending to be).

In a series of ongoing roasts, random bursts of love, or weirdly both (which is the mostly confusing category to everyone except the comedians themselves), here are our favourite comedian duos/ groups whose PDA and PDFUCKYOU will give you #BFFGoals. Or at least some feels. Or not. Maybe you’re dead inside. What do we know?

1. The McNuggets: Surbhi Bagga & Urooj Ashfaq

ICYMI, Surbhi Bagga and Urooj Ashfaq were finalists on TLC’s reality competition show, Queens of Comedy. They’re a self-proclaimed “best dancing duo, available to open for your one hour special”, who regularly spam fans with updates from their Kal Ho Na Ho binge sessions. They call each other ‘McNugget’ (‘Who R We To Judge’). Basically, every time Urooj and Surbhi hang out, it ‘blows our asses’.

Ok too much mush, there’s also what Surbhi calls ‘13 seconds of true, no-shade friendship!’ where Urooj literally knocks her out of the competition. (last slide in post)

2. Paati-Perandi: Naveen Richard & Sumukhi Suresh

These two Bangalore comedians (who now live in Mumbai) are constantly hanging out and yelling ‘KYA YAAR, SUMUKHI!’ and ‘KYA YAAR, NAVEEN!’ at each other. Their sketch game is so strong, they’re acting out even when they’re not being paid to be. Paati-Perandi is an ongoing sketch series featuring a frustrated asshole of a grandson dealing with his terrifyingly stubborn and tedious grandmom. They don’t bother adding subtitles for those who don’t understand Tamil, but even when we have no idea what’s going on, we can’t help but wait for what the duo will pretend-fight about next. Not that they seem able/willing to stop showing us either. (Watch the whole series on their Highlights reel on Instagram).

3. The Improvisers: Kenny, Kanan, Kaneez &(K)Abish

There was a time when Kenny Sebastian, Kanan Gill, Kaneez Surka and Abish Matthew only ever ate, drank, slept on, lived and breathed with each other. They seem to have made whatever little co-working space they had into a co-living space and, from what their social media tells us, it wasn’t them acting out an improv scene for their special, but a legit gang hang. Yes, we’re here for it.

4. CoDependent No More: Navin Noronha & Jeeya Sethi

Who knows (anything) about romantic relationships, but long-distance friendships work. Even Bhayander-Colaba ones. Navin and Jeeya have the most absurd stories of being at traffic signals, of broken joints and (erm…) pulling their pants down and sticking their butts against the wall. They also keep spare clothes at each other’s houses, have audio recordings of each other snoring, and won’t step out for a date till they have the other’s approval on their outfit. #Friends4Lyf or #CoDependentAlert, you decide.

5. Random Sweetiebums: Rahul Subramanian & Kumar Varun

“Photo 3D nahi hai.” – RS. Dosti gehri hai.

This duo has quit their jobs together, won the YouTube Comedy Hunt together, acted in comedy sketches together, scored co-dependent roles in Pushpavalli together, made cameos in the other’s Amazon special, had lead roles on each other’s Instagram profiles… It’s almost as if they have a clause in their contacts that specifies that they’ll only take on a project if the other is on board too. And if their super supportive, non-ass-taking public proclamations of love and appreciation are anything to go by, these two are damn senti about it too.

6. The Girl Gang: Sonali, Aishwarya, Pavitra, Prashasti & Jeeya

There’s also the comedy circuit girl gang that’s always going out for lunches, brunches and karaoke nights, and forcing their Uber drivers to make appearances in their Instastories. Unlike with the previous duos and groups listed here, we don’t have to compile weird song-dedications and Chaas (?!) photo-collages that they’ve made for each other, because they’ve done it themselves. In Aishwarya Mohanraj’s birthday video. Sometimes a little hard to decode with layered inside jokes and borderline school clique vibes, this friendship is entertaining AF.

7. Civil War: Biswa vs Kenny & Naveen

Of course you’d expect comics to be the best at taking each other’s asses, and Biswa’s masterclass several months ago is the perfect example of how that shit goes down. On what was clearly a slow day for everyone, Kenny and Naveen started imitating Biswa–accent, delivery et al–on their InstaStories, tagging him. Biswa did not take it lightly. And before we knew it (and well before DeadAnt was (a)live), he hit back hilariously with impressions of the duo that had it coming.


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