Ha-lol-ween Watchlist: 7 Standup Bits On Indian Ghosts & Horror Movies

By DA Staff 28 October 2020

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Don’t think we haven’t noticed that you’re all getting into the “spirit” of Halloween and working on the top half of your outfits for upcoming costume parties on Zoom. Supremely un-sanskaari of you, what part of 2020 hasn’t felt like a horror movie the whole time etc, but here’s some topical comedy to help set the mood anyway.

1. Jaspreet Singh is Scared of Horror Movies

Jaspreet Singh hates horror movies “because they are fake, they are senseless, aur mujhe darr lagta hai.” This hilarious clip went viral in 2017 for Singh’s dissection of classist bhoots, the extreme stupidity of the characters in every plot twist, and a checklist of every kind of person you can bet on being killed in a horror film. We’ve watched this clip several dozen times, never gets old.

2. Govind Menon Believes in Ghosts

Who’s afraid of an aunty in a white sari moving furniture? Not Menon, who’s more impressed with the impeccable timing of ghosts. Including that of the Aarey Colony legend who wants to hitch a ride with you even though the reverse may be more effective for both parties.

3. Sahil Shah Has Many Questions for Ghosts

After listening to Sahil Shah gleefully list the things he’d do if he were a ghost, we’re convinced there’s nothing scarier than the idea of being haunted by him. But even his future peers should be worried—he has a LOT of questions for how this ghost thing works.

4. Sapan Verma Doesn’t Think ‘Ghosts on the 13th Floor’ is a Problem in Mumbai

In the observational comedy round of Comicstaan Season 1, Sapan Verma talks about house hunting, which is a horror in itself, but also fighting with his dad about not buying a flat the Verma family had almost locked on because it was on the 13th floor and that means ghost will come.

5. Aditi Mittal Has Mad Respect for Indian Ghosts

In 2013, Aditi Mittal had a lot of questions for Indian ghosts after binge-watching India’s most popular horror television anthology, Aahat. Where are the male chudails at? What’s up with the personality shift in the afterlife? Who does their hair? Mittal wants to know.

6. Rajasekhar Mamidanna says horror movies are his favourite

Mamidanna watched Conjuring 2 alone in the theatre, with a copy of the Hanuman Chalisa just in case. Turns out the most horrifying thing about the movie was the audience talking to the characters on screen. Remember how irritating that is? We miss it too!

7. Kenny Sebastian Can’t Handle Horror Movies

The movie itself isn’t the challenge, it’s the after-party in his head that Sebastian has a problem with. I mean, who hasn’t dreaded walking into the kitchen at 3 am at some point in their life?


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