John Oliver Rips Into Hotstar & Arnab Goswami in a Follow-Up to his Modi Episode of ‘Last Week Tonight’

By Maanya Sachdeva 9 March 2020

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In news that is still developing (but already trending on Twitter), it seems that thousands of John Oliver fans in India alerted the late-night show host to the fact that his episode on Narendra Modi was never aired on Hotstar. And so, as John Oliver does, John Oliver decided to talk about it.

In a five-minute clip from episode four of the ongoing season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, posted to YouTube by Spectrum on 8 March 2020, the comedian takes down both Arnab Goswami and Disney-owned streaming platform, Hotstar.

At the beginning, we find out that this particular episode had irked Republic TV chief, Arnab Goswami, who lashed out at Oliver. Goswami, in a promo for his show, says about John Oliver, “Go look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself whether you’re a motivated fool, consciously or unconsciously a fool or whether you are just malicious.” And, in case you thought that he could be talking about basically anyone, Oliver then pulls up a clip from one of Goswami’s famed debates, where the ticker reads: #WesternMediaExposed.

On this episode, Goswami calls Oliver “an ignoramus of exceedingly global proportions, a man whose only job is as a comedian, he’s not even smart enough to be a satirist. A person with absolutely no knowledge and, who I’m told, even has his ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good Evening’ written out to him by his team of researchers.” He continues, “A British-American third-rate late night TV show host John OLIVIER (?!), you embarrassed yourself.” You can watch OLIVER’s response at the 1:27 minute-mark.

Oliver then turns his attention towards Hotstar, and roasts the streaming platform for its low tolerance for his controversial-but-true Disney Facts and amateur-ish editing. The clip ends with even more Disney Facts, and a mic-drop so loud, we heard it all the way here.


Maanya Sachdeva


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