Sunday Mornings Are Now Chai Time With ‘Ken & Chip’

By DA Staff 19 November 2018 2 mins read

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If you’re the sort of person who reaches for their phone while they’re still semi-comatose in bed, scrollololing through social media feeds looking for moronic memes to start your day, take a break already. But also watch for Kenny Sebastian’s weekend project, Ken & Chip. The three-frame comic strip features Ken’s childhood dog Chip, and chronicles imaginary conversations we’ve all had with a dog that sat around us long enough. Created in collaboration with Kochi-based illustrator Bhagya Babu, the series hopes to recreate the joy and anticipation of getting your hands on the Sunday paper just for the cartoon strips at the end.

“When I was younger, I remember how excited I was for the newspaper every Sunday, ’cause of the comic strips,” Kenny posted in a caption on Instagram, where he publishes Ken & Chip for his 5.7 million-strong fanbase, which isn’t familiar with newspapers (what is this, 1990?).

In the series, now in its 29th week, you’ll always find a coffee mug in Chip’s paw and droll zingers following a snappy exchange between dog and his best friend.

Besides being cute as all hell, the comic strip works because who hasn’t imagined life from a dog’s perspective, what they would say if you could understand them? It’s at its best when Ken and Chipper see eye to eye—man and dog are united in their idleness, internalized racism, xenophobia, and even their questionable desire to smell crotches. The wavering dynamic is a thing of delight, and we’re not complaining about spending a little more chai time with Kenny on a Sunday morning.

While you wait for the latest edition of Ken & Chip (out tomorrow), here are some of our favourites from weekends past:

Where it all began… “You should get a dog”

On ongoing negotiations for extra snacks

On existential crises

On reality checks

On cheat codes

On the endless wait

“I love bathing,” said no dog ever.

On helping with heartbreak

The strip has already endeared thousands of fans—during a recent live on Instagram, in which Kenny was crowdsourcing ideas for merchandise, Ken and Chip was the most popular suggestion for t-shirts and coffee mugs. (Now available on his website.)

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