Long-time Man-U Fan Azeem Banatwalla Switches Loyalty to Liverpool, Favourite Player Now Salah

By DA Staff 1 April 2019 2 mins read

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Fans of football will do whatever it takes to support their teams. From lucky t-shirts to face tattoos, making trips halfway across the world to watch their favourite team in action to sitting tight in one place because anything else is bad luck… there’s nothing they won’t do.

Take, for instance, standup comic Azeem Banatwalla, who is also an ardent, unshakeable Manchester United fan, and has for years made fun of fellow comics Rueben Kaduskar and Rahul Subramanian for supporting Liverpool.

However, following a chance encounter with a palmist last week, Banatwalla realised that the only way Man-U stands any chance of winning the Champions League this season is if he removes his energies from them. With a heavy heart and clenched fists, he announced (to himself) that he would now support Liverpool. Here’s looking at you, Mohamed Salah, while Subramanian and Kaduskar have the last laugh.

Oh well, here we go.


DA Staff

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