Watch: Azeem Banatwalla Just Dropped a New Video ‘Main Bhai Chowkidar’ (From His Special ‘Problems’)

By DA Staff 28 March 2019 2 mins read

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In case you missed it, you shouldn’t. As we’ve articulated in our review of Azeem Banatwalla’s second Amazon Prime special, Problems, it’s the finest one of the entire lot that’s released so far. Banatwalla is in top form, boasting new-found confidence and quiet anger that make him seem almost entirely transformed as a comic. Through the hour, Banatwalla’s observational work is strong, the narrative is tight and most things are blisteringly funny.

He just released a two-and-a-half clip on how he’s convinced our Supreme Leader works, and his obsession with the letter ‘A’ and being a chowkidar. (Because the pressure to be topical is real and #Chowkidar is still trending.) Watch, enjoy, then go watch the whole thing on Amazon Prime Video.


DA Staff

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