Supermom Iliza Shlesinger Drops Sixth Netflix Special And A New Book

By 13 October 2022 2 mins read

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Iliza Shlesinger is giving “supermom” a whole new meaning. The mother to a six-month-old daughter just released her SIXTH (?!) Netflix special Hot Forever. But that’s not all Shlesinger’s been up to. The comedian has also published a book titled All Things Aside: Absolutely Correct Opinions.

We spent this afternoon carefully watching Shlesinger’s new hour and she didn’t fail to deliver the laughs. She masterfully manoeuvres through a myriad of topics starting with the pandemic—no not the one you’re thinking of, the other one—with all the people making silly dance videos on TikTok and Instagram. She drops some not-so-subtle hints for the guys out there who are looking to settle down with their lady friends, talks about the complex contraption most women get into everyday ie. the mighty bra and finally shares some secrets to a healthy marriage.

Shlesinger ends strong by using the stage to talk about all the online hate that is targeted towards women and the importance of calling out these people for a “better future”. Shlesinger uses the last five minutes to destigmatise the conversations around women’s bodies and the issues they face. We strongly recommend you check out this special for classic act-outs, physical comedy and some truth bombs.

We haven’t got our hands on the book yet but from what we hear it’s a collection of essays that talk about the exasperating issues of everyday life. And if there’s someone who could do this justice, it would be Shlesinger!



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