Samay Raina Has Birthday Chess, Announced ‘Comedians On Board’ Live Edition

By DA Staff 27 October 2022 2 mins read

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Samay Raina finally remembered his YouTube password! The self-proclaimed Supreme Leader came out of the woodwork to celebrate his birthday on stream like last year—with a chess simul. For chess noobs, a simul is when you play multiple opponents at once. But the highlight of the stream was the announcement of Comedians Over The Board.

Raina’s ‘magnus’ opus in the streaming world is the Comedians On Board tournament. Some of the country’s top comedic voices have come together over the last two years to battle it out on 64 squares and take the top honours. But this year people can witness the magic and madness live in Hyderabad from 4-6 November. 

Raina and his mentor, founder of chess platform ChessBase India, Sagar Shah revealed the tournament will take place at DreamHack—a yearly esports event for gamers to come and compete in video games of their choice. This year, chess is being introduced into the mix with four different events.

Comedians Over The Board will feature Tanmay Bhat, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Vaibhav Sethia, Anirban Dasgupta, Joel D’Souza, Sumit Sourav and Manek Mahna. But that’s not all. Chess fans can look forward to top Indian Grandmasters Arjun Erigaisi and Gukesh D face each other in a Death Match. 

Lastly, fans can also participate in a tournament that boasts a total prize pool of Rs 10 lakh. Raina has promised many more activities on ground as well. So if you’re in Hyderabad, or are happy to visit, go see how good these comedians actually are at the game!


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