Trevor Noah To Drop New Special Before Quitting Day Job, Urges India To Colonise The UK

By DA Staff 22 October 2022 2 mins read

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Trevor Noah—who announced his departure from The Daily Show less than a month ago—is back in the news. This time it’s because of his upcoming Netflix special titled I Wish You Would and a 2019 clip (of The Daily Show) that has gone viral in light of United Kingdom’s current political crisis.

Noah—who will end his tenure as the host of The Daily Show on 9 December—spoke about getting back to standup comedy to “explore that part of his life” while announcing his departure from the late-night talkshow. The comedian has wasted no time in getting started on that chapter of his life by announcing his third Netflix special on Instagram with a little teaser.

Noah will be taking a break from talking about world news in this special, which is slated for a 22 November release. The comedian will be dealing with “learning to speak German, modern communication, and his love for curry,” in his new hour, according to the Netflix press release.

In addition to his new work, a 2019 clip of his from The Daily Show has gone viral since ex-British Prime Minister Liz Truss handed in her resignation after 45 days in office. Needless to say, the internet was flooded with memes in no time, one of which included Noah suggesting one of “their old countries” should colonise Britain.

“Look at these savages they don’t know what they are doing. Someone should just come in and bring stability,” Noah says in the video. “India should come to England and be like, ‘Look, look, look, we hate to do this but you guys don’t know how to govern yourselves’. We have to fix this entire thing.”

The original clip was taking aim at Brexit—UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Three years later, it’s still just as relevant.


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