Casual Bullying, Hygiene Crash Courses & Hand-me-downs: 5 Comedians And Their Sibling Stories

By Jaanvi Advani 15 August 2019 2 mins read

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It’s all about involuntary cash transactions, bathing for a change to look presentable on a holiday and following the annual sibling code of being mildly civil with each other for a few minutes on Rakshabandhan. All the while waiting restlessly to get back to the “tu adopted hai” routine bullying with undercurrents of unconditional love and having each other’s backs (for a worthwhile barter, of course); the usual.

While Rakshabandhan is traditionally about sisters tying the thread of protection on their brothers in exchange for a promise to forever protect her too (and give her cash), we believe, over the years, it has transcended into being more of a sibling day, free of gender roles.

To celebrate all sorts of sibling dynamics, here are 5 comedians narrating how life works with different kinds of siblings—sister, lots of sisters and older brothers, on Rakshabandhan and every other day of the year.

1. Aakash Mehta: Big Brother Stories

 “Oxygen nahi milega, toh Aakash ko gills ugega”. Between holding him captive in plastic containers and never keeping the video game console connected, Aakash Mehta’s older brother troubled TF out of him, in life threatening casual sibling fighting ways.

2. Kanan Gill: Upside of Being the Younger One

Kanan Gill’s keepin’ it real by telling us how he, the younger sibling, got away with a lot thanks to his older sister, who was their parents’ first hope. “Look at the lines in their face, the white in the hair. The hopelessness in their eyes…” he points to the older siblings in the crowd. Behold the “projects”, the ones who have to learn kathak and horse-riding, and dance for uncles, while the younger ones get to ‘follow their dreams’.

3. Abish Mathew: Sisters & Washrooms

Abish Mathew grew up with (rather was raised by) four sisters which made him the only woke kid in Delhi able to yell “StayFree, ab bas 15 rupay mai!” from the rooftops. Well done Mathew sisters, you definitely raised a brother who, in most likelihood, didn’t confuse sanitary napkins for blot paper.

4. Abijit Ganguly: Downside of Being the Younger One

With completely opposite views from Gill’s, Abijit Ganguly (or Ramu, in case you’re wondering what his role in the family was) thinks he was exploited and given hand-me-downs his whole life. He knew his family didn’t like him because “chicken ka neck piece dete the, yaar”. Also, ever wondered why all the best bowlers are people with older brothers? Yeah, there’s an explanation for that pattern.

5. Shankar Chugani: Older Siblings’ Fuck Ups Are Your Lessons

Sometimes older siblings are just sheer blessings, because their to-do list instantly becomes your not-to-do list. They fuck up, you learn and, well, you fuck up too, but not as royally. For instance, Shunkar Chugani saw his brother go through engineering, so why would he do that to himself, right?


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