Reel It In: The Top 50 Reels Of The Year

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 18 December 2022 5 mins read

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Instagram reels are to Gen Z what YouTube used to be to millennials. Remember gathering around a computer and showing your friends the latest Ray William Johnson video or Smosh’s Pokemon In Real Life? Now, it’s all about sharing reels. And you better take those suggestions seriously because if you don’t react with a laugh emoji or, even worse, leave them on seen, you’re off the share list.

Everyone has their favourites—from rant videos to outlandish sketches—which are all meticulously saved in a folder so they can whip them out the next time they want to one-up someone’s normie recommendation. And we aren’t above that either. Every time a reel has been shared on our DeadAnt group, it’s been discussed and saved in a folder. And now, here’s the top 50 reels of the year from our secret stash.

1. Aapka Jags in ‘Once Upon A Time Again, Dobara, One More Time’

2. Dharna’s Got Talent

3. Khushaal Pawar Has A Beautiful Feed

4. Sanyam Sharma Cracks Crowd Work

5. Spotify Wrapped But Make It IG Reels ft. ThatMalluChick

6. Chandni Bhabhda Ka Kuch Rishta Hai Alia Bhatt Se

7. Wish Your Gujju Friends Happy New Year With Aatman Desai

8. Jose Covaco Ke Udd Gaye Hosh, Hum Hasse With Full Josh

9. The Jhumroo Bhaiya Aur Dharna Bhabhi Ko Badhai Ho Badhai

10. Comedy Kingdom Ka Member Hai Md Anas

11. Srishti Dixit Ke Reels Dekh Ke Yeh Samajhna Ki Woh Funnymax Hai

12. Kaafi Self Explanatory Hai, Shehzad Ke Reels Dekhego Toh Hassi Ayegi

13. Nobody Should Judge How Much We Love Vishal Dayama

14. We Are Govind Menon’s Fans For 4 Years Running

15. We Need 7 Reels A Week From Urooj Ashfaq

16. Arre Mummy Tum Saumya Ke Reels Kyu Nahi Dekhti Yaar?

17. Theek Hai Sufiyan, You’ve Already Impressed DeadAnt Sir

18. Bad Comedy Audience Stay Away From Urjita Wani & Mohd Anas

19. Vineeth Srinivasan Showing Us Hidden Gems From His Mind

20. Have You Ever Wondered Why Zorawar Is So Funny?

21. Kusha Kapila’s Side Hustle Is Contemporary Dance Classes

22. Shradda’s Feed Is Full Of Super Reels

23. Nobody Has Enough Pockets To Carry Chhavi Joshi’s Humour

24. Vishnu Kaushal’s Reels Are Not At All Addictive *Watches 100*

25. Tenn Buick’s Content Is Number 1

26. Wanna Watch A Nirmal Pillai And Abhishek Kumar? *Head Bobble*

27. Someone Give Karan Sareen A Bollywood Role Already

28. We Want Ahilya Bamroo On Our Next Flight

29. If You Don’t Like Govin Kaushal Toh Milega Tumhe RKO

30. Instagram Kholo Toh Chetan Goel Aa Jayega Feed Pe

31. Gaurav Motivegroom Is The Teacher We All Needed

32. NFTs Explained With Jack Martin ft. Jessie Pinkman

33. Lisa Gilroy Triggers Traumatic Maths Memories

34. How To NOT Take Piano Lesson ft. Devon Palmer

35. Sonalika Puri Is Deepika Padukone’s Alter Ego

36. We Believe In Dolly Singh & Kusha Kapila Supremacy

37. Viraj Ghelani Rants Are To Die For

38. Bollywood Song Exploder With Sanea Bubber

39. Rishabh Rai Had Us In The First Half

40. Niharika NM Can Treat Us Like Doggos

41. We All Knew An Aryan Kataria In School

42. Cable Channel Pe Kullu Ke Reels Chalao

43. Harjas Sethi Funny Aur Regular Saath Mein Ban Gayi

44. We Simp On Satish Ray For A Living

45. Jab Se Vagmita Ka Content Dekha Hai Humne Hasna Band Hi Nahi Kiya Hai

46. Tips To Get A New Job In The New Year With Swati

47. Saloni Gaur Channeling Her Inner Seema Aunty

48. 5 Star Hotel Etiquette With RJ Abhinav

49. We Trust Devesh Dixit To Find The Silver Lining

50. 2022 Summary With Mallika Dua


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