Know Your Comic: The Top 5 Sorabh Pant Videos To Watch Online

By DA Staff 8 September 2019 2 mins read

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Sorabh Pant is visibly one of the most confident and seasoned comics on the scene, and an OG from Indian standup’s early days. He has since toured internationally, authored three books, got two comedy specials up on Amazon Prime Video, and is the founder and ex-member of comedy collective East India Comedy (EIC).

His control over his performance is enviable. And though he still shouts frequently in his act, something he was known for when he started out, it now comes across as a well-honed aspect of his craft, adding spikes to his powerful monologues. His years of experience also showed in the fact that his two Amazon specials cohered as wholes in a way that most of the newer comics’ specials didn’t.

For the uninitiated (though we can’t imagine there are any), here are five of Pant’s YouTube videos, ranked.

5. On the Indian government’s passion for banning things.

4. In the US, there are fucked up guns laws while in India, there’s Guddu from Gurgaon who’ll make you a handmade gun.

3. Pant uses his screaming skills to great effect in critiquing the screaming anchors of Indian news television.

2. Religions have their function, but they cause a helluva lot of sound pollution.

1. Pant tears into Indian colleges for their regressive rules on interactions between genders. He also identifies perhaps the creepiest job ever: the Public Display of Affection Guard.

Pant’s comedy specials, My Dad Thinks He’s Funny (2017) and Make India Great Again (2018) are both available on Amazon Prime Video. Watch now. Or later. But do it.


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