Know Your Comic: The Top 5 Rahul Subramanian Videos To Watch Online

By DA Staff 24 April 2019

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Formerly an executive at Mahindra, Rahul Subramanian has been a standup comic since he won the YouTube Comedy hunt in 2015 (with his friend, colleague and co-founder of Random Chikibum, Kumar Varun). He has since gone viral several times with his standup bits on YouTube, and in 2018, Subramanian released his special, Kal Main Udega on Amazon Prime Video—hilariously pissing off DJs in the process—and ended the year with a joint US tour with Kunal Kamra.

This year, he’s already hit up the Melbourne International Comedy Fest, and is currently performing two live shows—his one hour special, Is This Even Comedy? and his crowd-work show, You & Me across India.

Subramanian is a sensation to watch live (and hilarious even on LinkedIn). Here are five essential standup videos of his work, ranked.

5. When your dad joins Facebook and adds your friends, you lose friends.

4. History varies depending on the side you see it from, as Rahul learns after interacting with a Pakistani in Barcelona.

3. When Rahul sees a John Abraham face wash ad on TV, he buys a new TV.

2. After getting over his ex, Rahul did what Indian men with a lot of time on his hands do.

1. The bit that caused a national outrage amongst DJs in the country. Subramanian is in top form here, picking an utterly silly target and working himself into a hilariously illogical frenzy.

Bonus: In which Subramnian tries to figure out… whatever’s going on in Bangalore (besides the awesome weather, maga).


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