From ‘Criminally Single’ to ‘In a Toxic Relationship’, Here’s (Almost) Every Comedian’s Current Dating Status

By DA Staff 16 February 2020 3 mins read

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“Omg are they dating?”

“Oh no why’s he married? 😭”

You’ve commented on their photos, DM’d us for deets, showed up at our office to enquire (ok no, you didn’t), and been almost relentless in the pursuit for this information. You know we’re talking about the relationship statuses of India’s best-known standup comedians. And you also know who you are. 

And since we’ve been called Comedy ke Miss Malini, PinkVilla and Zoom TV so many times, we thought, what the hell? Let’s give you what you ask for. We stalked their Instagram profiles, listened to podcasts they’ve been on, texted them and even called them up to ask them what their “scene” is.  Enjoy scrolling through scores of “No comment”s, lots of “Married”s and the occasional “Very single” when you could be out there in the real world, finding real love instead.

(Keep refreshing. We’re updating this after every swipe, every date, every argument. Yeah) 

Aadar Malik: All you need to know is already on @roamingaffair, but if you’re too lazy to click, Malik is dating and engaged to marry Aparna Bajaj.

Abhishek Upmanyu: “No comment.”

Aditi Mittal: “Bring biryani on your way back.”

Agrima Joshua: Has BLOCKED Him. Refresh Twitter for latest update.

Aishwarya Mohanraj: “Lol what is this print version of Koffee with Karan? But I’ll take any version of it, so my official answer is I’m v v single. It should not be legal to be this single.”

Amit Tandon: Married.

Angad Singh Ranyal: Married. Brand new father.

Anu Menon: Married.

Ashish Shakya: “In a committed relationship with his phone.”

Atul Khatri: Married with three kids (two daughters and Butter, their dog).

Azeem Banatwalla: Married to Sana Khan, who is also his co-host on the podcast, Senti-Mental.

Daniel Fernandes: “Let me call you back in five minutes; I need to check.” *Five minutes later * “Committed.”

Joel D’Souza: “Single. (Man, do I have to be funny about this stuff?)”

Karunesh Talwar: Recently said on a podcast that he’s not interested in talking to other human beings. Girlfriend Oxford se hai. “It can’t get better.”

Kautuk Srivastava: Married to longtime girlfriend Siddhi, a recurring name on the podcasts The Big Question and The Internet Said So.

Kunal Kamra: Refused to comment. (But did say “I’m in love with the idea of falling in love.”)

Kunal Rao: Single Agony Uncle.

Navin Noronha: Dating Abhi.

Neeti Palta: Married.

Neville Bharucha: Married to Samira Major.

Neville Shah: “What part of Going Downhill did you guys not understand?”

Nishant Suri: Refused to comment.

Papa CJ: “It’s complicated.”

Pavitra Shetty: “Single. That’s one word I have to add to your 300-word article.”

Radhika Vaz: Married.

Rahul Dua: “Azaadi hi meri dulhan hai. Azaadi Khanna.”

Rahul Subramanian: “I talk about my marriage only in a set, not outside.”

Raunaq Rajani: Married his Beyoncé, Henna Mirchandani.

Rohan Joshi: “In a toxic relationship with myself.”

Sahil Shah: Just married Meghana Bhogale in December 2019, with whom he also runs goodestboysofbombay.

Samay Raina: “I’m married.”

Sanjay Manaktala: Married to the best mimicry artist.

Sapan Verma: Married to Chandni Ghosh (and got a lot of “OMG. He’s married???? :(” under his wedding photos)

Shaad Shafi: “I’m a gentleman. I don’t date someone for a year and tell.”

Shreeja Chaturvedi: “I’m a princess. Can I say that? Or you can say ‘UNATTAINABLE IN CAPS’. And, hey! ‘Single’ is also fine.”

Shreemayee Das: Dating comedian Rohan Desai; they run The Grin Revolution together.

Siddharth Dudeja: “Single only.”

Sonali Thakker: Married to Aditya Desai.

Sorabh Pant: Married. And has two kids. Who we’ve all watched grow up.

Sumaira Shaikh: “No comment on my dating life. Also would like to say dating is for losers. No, I’m not heartbroken.”

Sumit Sourav: “Seeing someone.”

Sumukhi Suresh: “Single, and almost out of a sabbatical.”

Surbhi Bagga: “In a healthy, well-rounded relationship with my plant.”

Tanmay Bhat: “My status is forever lonely.”

Varun Grover: “In a committed relationship with one woman and three cats.”

Varun Thakur: Instagram and The Internet Said So official – dating.

Vir Das: Married to Shivani Mathur, they are parents to Watson, their boxer.


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