ICYMI: International Comedians Who Did Their Own 2019 Wrap

By DA Staff 7 January 2020 3 mins read

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Whether you closed 2019 like a normal person with an overpriced NYE party and an unhealthy binge, or sent 2019 off with a bigger bang than usual because you’re the sort of round-earther who also thinks it was the end of a decade, 2019 was an especially rough year. Everyone seemed relieved to finally be done with it. But then 2020 started and… it’s fresh hell. Should we rewind and replay, then? Here are some years-in-review by comedians from… well, those who did them. 

1. Lilly Singh’s Year in Review

It was a big year for Lilly Singh. She scored her first late-night show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh, was featured on Vogue India and Hollywood Reporter, partied with Ranveer Singh, danced with Varun Dhawan, met Deepika Padukone at the Met Gala, attended the GRAMMYs where she took over Alicia keys’ social media for the night, had a billboard at Times Square, shouted at Michelle Obama, got a new tattoo… it’s a lot. She recaps it all for her fans, who she credits for her hyper-enthusiasm to keep creating. Watch the video, and woot loud so ya’ girl can hear you. Because in 2020, she’s promised more videos, more vlogs, and high hopes for a second season of A Little Late with Lilly Singh.

Over the weekend she released a video in which she shared her vision board, urging everyone to make their own for 2020. “I really feel like I’m great at making things happen,” she insists.

2. Hasan Minhaj

Before taking off for the holidays, Minhaj shared updates on some of his biggest stories of the year that was. It includes trying to convert Justin Trudeau to Islam, his spring episode on student loans, censorship in China, of course, the one on Indian elections (perhaps the most depressing of the lot). There’s also a lovely rant on compassion fatigue and three things he’s going to let other people care about in 2020. 

Take a breather, he says. Come back to double down on the issues that really matter to you. We’re just a week into the new year and it’s already a lot.

3. Gary Gulman

At the beginning of 2019, Gary Gulman started an ambitious exercise of sharing one writing tip a day on standup, writing, even self-care for anyone who might need it.

His Twitter handle quickly turned into an invaluable source for grateful comedians and fans alike, with comedians from all over dropping additional insights and guest tips of their own. It is, in our opinion, one of the most brilliant ways to have used Twitter to connect with a huge community and actually have an impact. On 31 December, he closed with his 365th tweet under #GulmanTip #WriteNow.

Because we think it’s such a vault of good advice and inspiration, we consolidated all his tips for you here so you have a ready reckoner whenever you want. 

4. Trevor Noah’s Top 10 Funniest Interview Moments of 2019 from The Daily Show 

Greta Thunberg was on The Daily Show this year. So was Oprah, and Jesse Williams (Dr. Jackson Avery from Grey’s Anatomy) who says he can slow your death—we assume by staring into his eyes for days. Ali Wong was on there too, talking about how people assume being pregnant is her “schtick” now that she has two specials about it, recorded both times when she was very pregnant. He also had standup comedian and writer Mohammed “Mo” Mustafa Amer. Here’s a happy compilation of his funniest interview moments in 2019:

Bonus: Best of Between the Scenes 

Between takes, Noah chats with his live audience about things that are currently baffling or amusing him. In 2019, this included his favourite accents, a run-in with Jay-Z’s bodyguards, the reparations debate and more:

5. 2019 Was Stupid, with Ronny Chieng

Besides the stuff that sent our blood pressure soaring while the world felt like it had gone completely batshit in 2019, a lot of things were just plain stupid. Comedian Ronnie Chieng’s segment on The Daily Show got its own Best Of compilation, in which he breaks down luxury dogs, global warming, and everything in between:

6. Ellen Degeneres Takes a Look Back at Her Favourite Tweets of 2019

A look back at Ellen’s favourite tweets (of her own) of the year is like a flipbook of a lot of things that went viral in 2019. Besides the reminder that her show has been renewed for another three years, it also features the whiz kid drummer who Lenny Kravitz surprised, a millennial trying to use a rotary phone, scaring Billie Eilish, and trying to understand WTH jopping is.


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