Sam Morril’s 46-Minute YouTube Special Is a Tasty Dish—Even When Its Ingredients May Be Unsavoury

By Maanya Sachdeva 27 February 2020 2 mins read

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Morril emerges an extremely qualified ‘chef’

Sam Morril is the first to give viewers a disclaimer about his 47-minute YouTube special, I Got This. The Jewish comedian from New York (don’t ‘Ugh’ him, he warns) says, “Some of these jokes, you’re not going to like the content but, structurally, they’ll be really solid.” And you quickly see why; dead babies, gun laws, murderers who enjoy true crime documentaries⁠—there are some skillfully-told jokes about it all. And you can’t help but laugh out really, really⁠—embarrassingly⁠—loudly (I Got This is 100% NSFW, in case that much isn’t already apparent).

If YouTube specials are the next big thing, Morril’s is a must-watch. I Got This doesn’t take itself too seriously; instead, it turns the spotlight on the standup comic’s easy anecdotal style, perfect for this more informal special. Morril moves deftly between topics⁠—#MeToo, dating disasters, too-eager Uber drivers, Naples (not in Italy; the bad kind), positive porn categories (‘Couples Who’ve Been Together a Long Time’ instead of ‘F**cking Your Best Friend’s Mom)⁠—and, by the nine-minute mark, you’re hooked.

There’s a bit about quitting addictions that this DA writer cracked up (pun intended, you’ll see) at. Morril’s pitch for a pro-cigarette ad will really resonate with social smokers. He throws in a wildly entertaining story about negging (backhanded compliments disguised as flirtation). However, it’s Morril’s recounting of his association with Cleveland’s very own vigilante, White Knight, that is the star.

“These jokes are not taking me abroad, Pops,” Morril says during I Got This. But we’re already drafting a petition to bring Sam Morril to India.


Maanya Sachdeva


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