Say Hello To Rahul Dua, Shark Tank India’s New Host!

By DA Staff 4 November 2022 2 mins read

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Rahul Dua is going to have to cut his “conversations with songs” short because he’s been given the ropes to host Shark Tank India’s newest season. One of Comicstaan’s funniest voices is going in to dish out some laughs on the reality show because “yeh uski expertise hai.”

Rahul is nervous but mostly excited to kill it on this meme-factory of a show. Let’s find out what he has to say!

You’re hosting Shark Tank India this season! Tell us everything!

Yes, I will be replacing Rannvijay (Singha) as the host this year, solo. These are big shoes to fill because Rannvijay has done a great job in the first season—I’m just hoping to live up to the mark… and up it slightly! My role is largely to welcome pitchers, and sort of be their friend.

At the point that I meet them, before they enter the tank, they’re very scared, so my job is to help calm their nerves and comedically look at the process. Once the pitch is done, I talk to them again—agar deal nahin mili toh along the lines of kaisa laga? What was going on in your mind? Jinko mila… usme toh main apna part secure karta hoon [laughs]. Host stuff, fun stuff, lots of stupid questions to lighten the mood, however the pitch went. While the serious, technical work is being done by the Sharks, my job is to bring the fun and entertainment to this show. (And look good on screen!)

The season is slated for a December release, which is right around the corner now—are you excited or nervous? 

I’m very excited! It’s a very different experience from anything else I’ve done so far. I’ve been on Comicstaan, done TVCs and digital films, but it’s all been part of the web; I’ve never done mainstream TV before. It’s both interesting and challenging. There was so much outside of my comfort zone. Being a professional, I want to do a better job every time, irrespective of the platform. I’ve really put in effort to come across as a fun guy. Too much effort! [laughs]

What’s the toughest part of being a “fun guy” on a show like this?

The balancing act! My role here requires striking a balance between the introduction links brand links, coming up with questions on the spot for those pitching, and reacting to the pitch itself. I get like 5-7 minutes to frame the questions between watching the pitch and interacting with the pitcher coming out of the room.

Shark Tank Season 1 was one of the most meme’d shows last year—did you contribute to that wave? Is that how you caught their attention?

[Laughs] I didn’t make any memes last year because I watched Shark Tank India three months after it came out. So I saw all the memes, but it was too late to create any of my own. I would 100% like to be memed myself, though. Whoever makes the best memes, I’ll hire them to make some for me!

What was your favourite pitch? Either because it was mindblowingly or veryhighlyextremely terrible?

You know I can’t answer that! Yet.

DeadAnt will be back next month to get that answer! Shark Tank India Season 2 is coming soon on Sony LIV.


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