Selection Time: Follow These Comedy Content Creators For Your Cricket World Cup Fix

By DA Staff 4 October 2023 2 mins read

Enjoy the World Cup filtered through the fresh perspectives of this team of seven cricket-crazy comedians.

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The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 is all set to kick off tomorrow at, you guessed it, the historic Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. If you’re dying for fresh content and can’t be bothered to read the thousands of tired X (thanks Elon, very cool) takes flooding your timeline, why not check out these comedians who *can* be informative, but are usually just straight-up funny with a dash of insight. Follow their accounts, hit that notification bell, and enjoy the World Cup filtered through the fresh perspectives of this team of seven cricket-crazy comedians.


Have you ever been so excited for a match that you’ve thought about it for a week and logged yourself out of all social media so you don’t get spoilers? Best believe that the second you get up to use the bathroom and by the time you’re washing your hands all hell has broken loose on the pitch. The world as you know it has changed by the time you’re back on your seat. That’s exactly the kind of energy that Humorously Yours star and comedian Vipul Goyal brings with his tweets, but with his own distinct spin; “Mai neeche soda lene gaya tha.” A wonderful way to concisely encapsulate big match moments.


Twitter sensation and meme-extraordinaire Swati Chauhan is one of your best bets if you’re looking for play-by-play content through the course of the World Cup. We’re talking about an unworldly strike rate, the woman never misses. If she isn’t an opener on your team, you need to rethink the way you’re writing up the teamsheet gaffer.


Comedian Piyush Sharma brings the memes. Memes for days. Each one of his tweets is usually accompanied by an image for context, which turns seemingly regular observations about a match into a funny take.


Ex-AIB writer Vishal Dayama has become popular thanks to his regular one-line zingers. Turns out he’s as prolific with his one liners when he’s tweeting as he is while streaming. He’s always watching matches and he always has something to say. Whether poignant, plain funny, or a tasteful mix of the two; Dayama is an all-rounder who always makes his innings count.


Comedian Sorabh Pant has been uploading interviews with international cricketers for the past two months to his YouTube channel. Think everyone from Shoaib Akhtar to Brian Lara. He’s got all the big names! Now it’s time for the big occasion, and we’re sure Pant will step up to the crease and hit it out of the park.


Sagarcasm is our go-to X meme account for Indian cricket. No one does memes better than this guy, and we’ve looked everywhere. But he also loves his privacy, so we have no clue who he is. And no, he isn’t a comedian, but he definitely deserves a special mention for his hilarious cricket content. For what it’s worth, we’ve heard he has written jokes for comedians as well.  


If veteran comedian Neeti Palta’s innings on Twitter during the recent Asia Cup is anything to go by, she should easily make it into your team of comedian cricket enthusiasts. A go-to for silver linings and wholesome content.


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