Sumukhi Suresh Launches Women-Centric Content Company Motormouth

By DA Staff 28 January 2022 2 mins read

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Having established herself as a talented, award-winning writer and showrunner with Pushpavalli, Sumukhi Suresh is now looking to expand the space for female-led video content with the launch of her new company Motormouth. The company will create both short and long form content that aims to change the “culture and gender lens” that dominates storytelling in India.

“I wanted to be an actor who played the lead role,” Suresh wrote in an Instagram post announcing the company. “And since that wasn’t getting handed out to big girls on a silver plate, my writers and I wrote Pushpavalli and we made that happen. That’s because writers make things happen. They are the sloggers who knock on every idea’s door, talk about every character’s want, take the risk of picking a premise and running with it to give you a story you can claim to be yours.”

Now it’s time to put my pen where my mouth is and tell you about the company I have founded called Motormouth,” she continued. “We are [an] end to end writers company that writes shows, movies and hopefully your favourite characters fate. I can’t wait to spend all my savings on this baby!”

A press release by the new company revealed that it is already working on two feature films for leading Indian production houses, with the first being an untitled young adult comedy by Suresh and regular collaborator Sumaira Shaikh for a “leading OTT platform.” Suresh, who signed with William Morris Entertainment in December 2020, also has plans to go international, including a tech comedy currently being pitched to an American producer.

In the midst of all this, Suresh is also on tour with a new comedy special, which will be taped for a Netflix release later this year. Looks like she’s gearing up for a blowout 2022!


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