Netflix Teases An Entirely New Comedy Slate Featuring Tanmay Bhat, Sumukhi Suresh, Samar Raina & More

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 2 March 2021

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We called it! Last week, we reported that the rumour mill was abuzz with scuttlebutt that Indian comedians are scrambling to make up for lost time with respect to their comedy specials. After Shreeja Chaturvedi hinted at a March taping for an OTT platform that rhymes with “rhyme”, we’ve got a whole host of comics stirring up a storm on Instagram with a series of cryptic teaser posts.  With each comic going “tudum” in the videos, there’s no doubts about which streaming platform is behind this particular crop of upcoming comedy content (hint: it’s Netflix).

Comedians including Aakash Gupta, Sumukhi Suresh, Rahul Subramanian, Tanmay Bhat, and 12 other comics uploaded a coordinated series of posts calling upon Netflix to add new standup comedy titles to their catalogue. Prashasti Singh and Amit Tandon, in particular, have been worked hard by the streaming giant. It seems like they’ve now had enough, leading their Instagram posts with the line “Chalo bhai @netflix_in, bahut kaam karwa liya, ab to batao mera comedy special ka order kab ayega?? #AbMenuMeinSabNew” in their Instagram posts. That’s about as clear a hint as any.

Also on this massive wishlist of (possible) specials is Sumaira Shaikh, while Mallika Dua has spoken about “Netflix and giggles”, which makes us wonder what else might be on the comedy line-up. Will content creators be taking to the stage as well? The only thing that could make things better would be a variety show with all our favourite comics on one screen.


Shantanu Sanzgiri


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