Watch: Trailer for Amit Tandon’s Comedy Special ‘Family Tandoncies’, a Hindi First for Netflix

By DA Staff 21 February 2020 2 mins read

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The trailer for Amit Tandon’s new one-hour comedy special, Family Tandoncies is here! The special releases next Friday (28 February) on Netflix, marking his second show on the platform after 2019’s Middle Class Karma, which was part of the international standup series, Comedians of the World. This time, it comes with an added badge of honour, of being Netflix’s first all-Hindi special.

In Family Tandoncies, Tandon still plays in the space he’s most famous for—that married guy, who talks about his wife, his kids, his parents, his brother. So what’s different this time? “In this show I have gone a little deeper; it’s the most personal show that I have written so far,” Tandon tells DeadAnt. “There’s a single story that is stitched over 70 minutes; and it’s not just observations but also a lot of confessional stories. So, that way, it was a bigger challenge for me—to write a show that’s not just a collection of sets, but that has a beginning and a middle and an end; even where there are different stories and observations, they are all connected.”

Of course his family is at the heart of it, like everything he does. “I’m also looking at my relationship with my wife from the point of view of how it has evolved over the years,” he explains. “I’ve been married for 17 years now, and the relationship doesn’t remain the same as it was in the first year, second year, third year… it gets mature.”

A bit like his comedy perhaps? “You will find, if you watch the show, that it’s a little bit more mature than the writing you’ve seen so far in my other videos. That’s the attempt. I wanna see how people react to this vis a vis the 10-minute videos that I’ve been putting out.”

What he seems most excited about is seeing how people will react to him having structured it as a single overarching narrative, with a culmination. “I can’t reveal what it is, but I hope people like what I’m trying to say. It’s coming from a parent, coming from a husband; I hope people connect with what I’m trying to say in this show,” he says.

We hope so too!


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