Sikkim’s Bkey Agarwal Makes Top 4 In Nepalese Reality Show ‘Comedy Champion’

By Rohan Krishnan 2 September 2021 2 mins read

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Sikkimese comedian, filmmaker and storyteller Bkey Agarwal is now amongst the final four contenders to win season two of Comedy Champion, a Nepalese comedy and reality TV show. The show has four judges and pits 24 participants against each other with the winner receiving Nepalese Rs 25 lakh and a new car.

The comedian, who was born in Mangan in North Sikkim, was chosen from among 8000 aspirants who submitted videos to Comedy Champion organisers as part of a digital audition round. Subsequently, Agarwal cleared the physical audition in Kathmandu, where he was shortlisted from a pool of 180 participants.

Agarwal has been performing standup comedy for three years and is a filmmaker with three short films to his name, including The Forbidden Gumpa, which was selected for an international film festival in Los Angeles.

Agarwal has done a lot to pioneer Sikkim’s comedy scene. “I was a huge fan of standup comedy clubs for a very long time and always wanted something to come up in Sikkim. I came across many individuals with high sense of humour but there was no platform for us. I came up with an idea to organise the first-ever open-mic stand-up show in Gangtok,” he told EastMojo.

To provide a stage for young Sikkimese comedians, Agarwal co-founded the Hasais Katle Stand-up Comedy Club, Sikkim’s first comedy club. He credits Nirmal Sharma, Biswas Timshina, Naresh Shrestha and Saroj Kharel as playing a key role in the success of Hasais Katle. Check out the Hasais Katle YouTube Channel for lots of laughs and the brilliant atmosphere at the Gangtok Groove, which hosts the Club!

In Comedy Champion, although judges can grant immunity to one contestant whom they deem as the top performer, the rest will compete for votes from viewers. Interested in checking out Agarwal’s comedy chops? Check out season 2 of Comedy Champion on the OSR Digital channel on YouTube. Comedy Champion allows international voters as well, so you can submit a vote for Bkey Agarwal by downloading the PrabhuPAY app and submitting a free vote, or pay, to submit more than one vote at a time.


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