Watch: Comedy Watch Party For The US Elections, The Greatest Reality Show On Earth

By DA Staff 3 November 2020 3 mins read

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It’s election day in the United States of America, and the whole world is watching with bated breath for the season finale of the world’s most popular and bizarre reality TV series—American politics. Nearly a hundred million Americans have already cast their ballots through early or mail-in voting, for a vote that has been billed as the election of a lifetime. But there’s still a lot of twists and turns left, as the pandemic rages on and Donald Trump tries everything in his power to swing the result his way.

It’s going to be a long night (maybe even two) before we know who’s going to be the next Commander-in-Chief of the world’s most powerful democracy. So grab those brewskis, keep your PTSD medications on hand (thanks 2016!), and tune into one of the programmes from our specially curated election comedy watch-list.  

1. Comedy Cellar — Live Coverage Of The 2020 Presidential Election

The iconic New York comedy club has put together a very special live-steam for election night, with over 50 special guests including Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman, comedians Dan Naturman, Marina Franklin, Allan Harvey and Kate Herman, journalists Laurie Segall, Fred Kaplan and Clint Watts, and political analysts including Joe Jones, Rosa Brooks, and Lindsay Boylan. Tune in to the YouTube link below for live coverage, projections, and a whole lotta gallows humour.

2. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah — Votegasm 2020: What Could Go Wrong? (Again)

Trevor Noah and the Daily Show team aren’t letting a little pandemic get in the way of a decades-long tradion—a live election night special. The one hour broadcast, titled Votegasm 2020: What Could Go Wrong? (Again), will air on Comedy Central US and provide real-time news and analysis, along with guest interviews and live coverage by the likes of Ronny Chieng, Michael Kosta, Desi Lydic, Dulcé Sloan, Jaboukie Young-White and Roy Wood Jr. Oh, and Noah will be broadcasting from a special “election bunker”, in keeping with 2020’s end-times theme.

Watch the stream here, the show goes live at 9.30 am IST on 4 November.

3. The Late Show — Stephen Colbert’s Election Night 2020: Democracy’s Last Stand: Building Back America Great Again Better 2020

Noah is not the only late night comedian planning an election special. Stephen Colbert also has a special coming out tonight on Showtime, with the hefty title Stephen Colbert’s Election Night 2020: Democracy’s Last Stand: Building Back America Great Again Better 2020. The hour long special will feature Colbert reacting live to election results, along with rapper Charlamagne Tha God, and hosts Alex Wagner, John Heilemann, and Mark McKinnon from The Circus.

The special will air on Showtime at 10 am IST on 4 November.

5. Saturday Night Live with host Dave Chappelle

Thanks to mail-in ballots and the Trump campaign’s deluge of lawsuits all over the country, there’s a chance that the election results will still be undecided when the latest episode of Saturday Night Live airs on 7 November. Who better to host such an important, and possibly unpredictable, episode than Dave Chappelle? And if you can’t wait till the 7th, NBC is also airing a 2020 SNL Election Special tonight, filled with past political sketches.

The SNL election special and the Dave Chappelle episode will both air on NBC at 7.30 am IST on 4 November and 10 am IST on 7 November respectively.

6. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Donald Trump’s surprise victory last time around caught Samantha Bee and her Full Frontal crew on the wrong foot, as they scrambled to re-spin the entire show in one day to reflect the Trump win. Bee will be hoping that her predictions are more spot on this time around, though they’re more prepped for surprises now. Watch Bee’s ‘Expect The Worst’ themed post-election episode on TBS at 9 am IST on 5 November, and on YouTube a day later.

7. Jimmy Kimmel Live (feat. Kanye West)

Jimmy Kimmel is upping the chaos for the first post-election episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live by inviting none other than Kanye West onto the show. West, who tried to throw his hat in the ring for this year’s elections, is still aiming for a run at the country’s top job in 2024. Given West’s totally insane three hour monologue on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast late last month, this promises to be an entertaining way to celebrate a return to normality (or to embrace the absurdity in case of a Trump win).

The episode will air on ABC at 10.05 am IST on 4 November.


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