Sriraam Padmanabhan’s New Video Offers Solutions to Separate the Nuisance From the News

By Mihika Jindal 8 May 2019 2 mins read

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Sriraam Padmanabhan released a new video, News & Nuisance—a full 30-minute set—on YouTube two days ago. But it was accompanied by this tweet.

It was worrying, so we called him. “You know how the job market is not so good right now, and how people tweet their job details looking for jobs? This is like an anti-tweet to that, where I give my credentials, but I am clear about the fact that I don’t want to go back to corporate. I love what I do, and I’d like to continue doing it,” he clarified. Though he made sure to add that the creds are credible, and the feeling expressed is not far from the truth.

While comedians releasing new videos on YouTube every day is now par for the course, what we’re used to are 3-10-minute long samplings of their work. And so when this 30-minute-long set hit us, fans wondered if he was retiring all that material? Is there a special around the corner? A tour perhaps?

“I just feel that the topic is broad enough for a half-an-hour bit. It’s the kind of work that works well when put out together,” he explains. “And honestly, I think of putting out my video when I know my career is not going anywhere, even though I feel I’m really not ready skillset wise to display any body of work yet.” That may not be entirely true, but who can contest modesty?

From how to slyly slip in real news and information into gossip pieces because that’s all people seem to care about, to wondering how Suhel Seth (whose exact profession is unclear to Padmanabhan) ends up on Arnab Goswami’s panel of “experts” every time, he raises a plethora of points in this video that’ll get you thinking. What it is exactly that you’re thinking, feel free to tell us in the comments section!


Mihika Jindal


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