The NecroLOLicon: Your Handy Guide To The Laughing Dead

By DA Staff 1 March 2023 4 mins read

Apart from some of the biggest names in standup comedy from India and beyond, there's also some of Mumbai's best food stalls and a fantastic bar to drown all your sorrows at. See you at the Laughing Dead festival this weekend.

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Are you ready to drown all your sorrows and njoy lyk nething at the Laughing Dead festival? If you’re wondering what we’ve got planned for our big weekend, don’t stress. Here’s a handy guide to the weekend’s festivities, curated by personality type! How it works: we’ve collated a list of the different types of comedy fans who will be coming to Laughing Dead, complete with tailor-made recommendations. Figure out which one you are, and voila! You now have a personalised guide to the festival.

It’s like those Buzzfeed quizzes you’ve done a hundred times. Don’t worry, there are no wrong choices. Just different flavours of comedic coping mechanism.

The Beetlejuice

AKA: The old guard.

What are you like: You have watched them perform at dingy bars and now you’ve seen then sell out auditoriums. You saw the early sketches of what would eventually become Varun Thakur’s alter ego (Vicky Malhotra) or even Aditi Mittal’s act as the best sex therapist in town, Dr. Mrs. Lutchuke. You followed them all on Twitter before most of them deactivated their accounts. Hello old friend, nice to see you!

You don’t want to miss: All the OGs from the Indian standup scene you’ve watched and loved! The two Varuns (Grover and Thakur), Aditi Mittal, Kunal Rao, Sorabh Pant, Sahil Shah, Daniel Fernandes, Ashish Shakya. With Shreeja Chaturvedi, Aaditya Kulshreshth and Sumaira Shaikh adding a dash of youthful energy. Get your tickets for Deadliners 1!

The Scream Queens

AKA: Ghostface

What are you like: You dictate trends, you decide what works and what doesn’t, you like your comedy to constantly flirt with the boundaries of what’s acceptable to say in public. You actually read DeadAnt’s reviews of comedy specials. From Burr to Bassi, and Seinfeld to Samay, you got it all covered. You know, love and are sometimes (rightfully) irritated with them all.

You don’t want to miss: The trendmakers Anubhav Singh Bassi and Abhishek Upmanyu; the pop-culture kings Rohan Joshi, Anirban Dasgupta and Samay Raina; the universally loved Neeti Palta, Daniel Fernandes and Atul Khatri; and emerging superstars Gurleen Pannu and Prashasti Singh. Uff! Hope you’ve already bought your tickets to this sold-out show.

The Casper

AKA: The friendliest superfan.

What are you like: You love, LOVE comedy. You’re enthusiastic to watch everyone—from the newbies to the pros. It’s not surprising to spot you hopping open mics one day and at the taping of a popular comedian’s online special the next day. We love you, we need more people like you, we might just hire you. You’d be everyone’s bestie even if you became a ghost.

You don’t want to miss: Guts & Glory Pro-Am Showcase. The Davids sharing stage time with the Goliaths, the underdogs and the champions, this showcase will make your heart happy. We have Abish Mathew, Anu Menon, Devesh Dixit, Jeeya Sethi, Navin Noronha, Punit Pania, Siddharth Dudeja and Supriya Joshi. Not to forget four lucky winners who get to perform at the Laughing Dead! Get your tickets now.

The Patrick Bateman

AKA: Business Card Enthusiast

What are you like: We’re not calling you a serial killer yet, but we know you wouldn’t mind some hypothetical bloodshed. The one with the unpopular opinions, you can be a bit much to deal with, but everyone knows that the Reddit and Twitter standup comedy ecosystem works because of you. You’re game to question and debate on everything comedy and the best part is that you don’t even care, you just enjoy being the shit-stirrer. Sicko.

You don’t want to miss: The Monster Debate, obviously. Some of the biggest comedians and influencers get down and dirty, debating everything from love, sex, to relationships. You might just be tempted to join them on stage and participate in the debate yourself. But like don’t do that, okay?

The Ghostbuster

AKA: Iconic.

What are you like: The moment the Laughing Dead festival was announced, you knew you couldn’t miss a single second of it. Sure, it started with Daniel Sloss, but you also knew you had to stay till the end. You’re proud of the fact that you’re the authority, at least in your friend circle, on every cool thing that’s happening in your city. A crowd favourite, protective of everything you love, people are blessed to have you in their lives.

You don’t want to miss: Nothing, you’re not missing anything, you’ve bought a Grin Reaper pass and you’re ready to laugh till you cry. See ya at the weekend!

The Party Monster

AKA: Vibe Curator

What are you like: You get the party started wherever you go. While you’re definitely here to enjoy the acts, you also want to drink, eat and be merry. The hobbits of this universe, you enjoy your indulgences and can’t wait to sample the delicious spread and the bubbling alcohol we have for you.

You don’t want to miss: The F&B stalls, dude. From Rocket Man pizzas and Woodside Inn burgers to Hoppumm’s authentic South Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine, there’s healthy Mexican grub by Cafe Duco to some very interesting Asian fusion food combinations by everyone’s favourite Foo, we have it all, just for you! There’s also beer by Seven Rivers Brewing Co., gin by Sector London Dry Gin and Pursue hard seltzer ready to be guzzled down by party monsters like you. See you at the bar cuties!

PS: Some Final Tips

The options are endless but remember to top up your cards.

The festival takes place at Mumbai’s iconic Mehboob Studios from 18-19 March.

Our no-parking policy means you’ll have to use local transport: trains, cabs, or piggyback rides (if anyone’s willing!)

You’re welcome to take pictures all over the Graveyard, but please do not take photographs or shoot videos during any of the performances.

Keep your e-tickets in hand, your pets at home, and your vibe at the highest level.

If you still haven’t bought your tickets, grab them now at BookMyShow. See you there!


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