10 Best Moments From ‘Our Last Week with Anuvab & Kunaal’, Which Marks Its 100th Episode Today

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 4 February 2021 4 mins read

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Comedian Anuvab Pal and actor Kunaal Roy Kapur will release the 100th episode of their podcast Our Last Week later today. Over the course of the podcast, the self-proclaimed ‘neuro-science researcher’ and ‘physicist’ (Pal) and ‘renowned philosopher’ (Kapur) have given us some hilarious albeit tactful solutions to problems that their listeners face on the daily. Ridiculing the accepted behaviour in our society every chance they get, the podcasters love dishing out absurd advice with the utmost sincerity. So we’ve put together a list of the 10 most memorable moments from Our Last Week, for your listening pleasure.

1. Soap Dishes

In an episode that’s typical of the podcast, Pal and Kapur are excited when a listener turns a tiny problem regarding her soap dish into a serious dilemma. When a friend, and then a friend of the friend, invite themselves to use her soap dish, she’s faced with the problem of letting them down easy, without making it sound like they and their soaps are not welcome in the house. 

Pal and Kapur provide several solutions, from switching to a shower gel to buying a brick-sized soap so nobody can ever use the soap dish ever again. 

2. Holiday Uncles

Pal has had it with that annoying uncle who always wants to one-up and educate you about world travel. The duo go through some solutions on how to deal with him, such as mentioning the most obvious and normal places you visited—“You know in London, I went to the Big Ben”—or just egging Holiday Uncle on and mentioning completely made-up names so he thinks you’re insane. 

3. Kathi Kebab

Pal’s friend from school, the annoying one who “never studied” but aced every exam, has a roll named after him at Pal’s favourite kathi roll shop just because he saved a few lives during the pandemic. A very different sort of conundrum, the Supratik Sen Supreme Chicken Egg Roll rubbed him the wrong way. All Pal wanted was for them to name a roll after him too. That’s not too much to ask, right?

4. Murder Mystery

A listener who is a night owl notices that a banana she had left on her bed went missing and mysteriously reappeared when she went looking for it. Her mother blamed her erratic sleep schedule for these hallucinations. But Pal and Kapur know what’s up. They’re sure her mother is the culprit, making the listener feel like she’s losing her mind in order to inculcate better sleeping habits. So they leave it up to her to either call the CBI or hide all the vegetables in the house. 

5. How Do You Get Your Guests to Leave?

We’ve all had guests who overstay their welcome when all you want to do is change into your pajamas and go to sleep. You can try yawning and hope that they get the hint. Or you could start planning their departure—“Oh you didn’t come with your driver? Don’t worry I’ll book you a cab.” But Kapur has an even more efficient way of going about it. Just get cosy right in the middle of the party and go to sleep. Or maybe just get new friends. 

6. Invoices for Laughs

Most jobs took a hit during the pandemic and a lot of people struggled to make ends meet last year. Actors and comedians weren’t going to start work any time soon. But when Kapur’s doctor sends him an invoice for a two-minute conversation, he has an excellent idea. Why not charge people every time they laugh? So Pal is going to round up people in elevators and send them invoices for every laugh. As for Kapur, he is going to charge his kids every time they ask for help with long division.

7. India vs. Australia

All of us were ecstatic when India won the series against Australia earlier this year. But Kapur took it one step further by calling it one of the greatest moments in the history of the universe, ranking just below the discovery of fire, the wheel, agriculture, and the Industrial Revolution. Pal then suggests that Kapur is slightly upset with people falling in love with test cricket—his hidden gem—overnight. So he decides he’s done with cricket and is going to take up croquet or curling next. 

8. Fataak!

Konkona Sen Sharma is tired of living in comfort. You click a few buttons and there’s that pizza or tub of ice cream you’ve called for at 3 am. But imagine if we could act on all of our impulses. What if we could send a slap to someone who’s gotten on your nerves? Or you could receive one when you feel like you’ve really fucked up. Now that’s a brilliant business venture.

9. Bollywood Endorsements

Many people have issues with the number of products Bollywood celebrities endorse. Pal and Kapur don’t see the problem. But they still have a fairly simple solution. If people are such huge fans of certain people, The Celebrity Product Challenge is the answer. Can you survive on only the products endorsed by one person for the rest of your life? Just pick your celebrity wisely. 

10. Roti Roulette

Capturing the true essence of the podcast, one of the most memorable listener conundrums has to do with a lazy person whose most pressing problem for the better part of his life has been deciding between having the first, slightly warm chapati, or a fresh hot one. For Pal it’s all about the kind of person you are. A glass-half-full person would always go for the hot roti, thinking about the even hotter roti being made. As for Kapur, it’s the sacrificial roti, which can be now eaten at any point in time.


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