Throwback Thursday: Revisiting the Funniest Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Episodes Ever Made!

By DA Staff 10 August 2023 3 mins read

Here are our favourite episodes from this Indian television comedy classic.

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Rosesh, kya tum itne bade hokar bhi mere baare mein poetry likhoge?

This first dialogue, uttered by the now iconic character Maya Sarabhai, sets the tone for the legendary Indian comedy series Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, which ran from 2004 to 2006, before being revived for a ten-episode season on Hotstar in 2017. Now, this timeless sitcom is back to entertain us on YouTube’s Star Bharat channel, allowing everyone to watch the entire series and revisit Maya’s sassy zingers and her younger son Rosesh’s poetic gems. From daughter-in-law Monisha’s shenanigans with elder son Sahil to family patriarch Indravadan’s dad jokes and more, this laugh riot stands the test of time. We’ve sifted through the treasure trove of episodes and bring you the absolute best ones that will keep you giggling for hours!

Poetry Contest – Episode 53

Rosesh’s countless poetry recitals are one of the show’s major highlights, for being lame, senseless and—like his father Indravadan keeps saying—irritating. However, these limericks and poems never fail to touch Maya’s heart. But then Indravadan claims that he’s the one in the family with any creative talent, leading to a poetry competition between father and son to see who is the better poet. Prepare for an epic showdown that takes the number one spot on our list!

Kisne Kiya Rosesh Ko Kidnap? – Episode 43

Rosesh, our beloved poet with a penchant for melodramatic verse, becomes the unexpected target of a kidnapping plot! His quirky antics catch the eye of an amateur kidnapper who’s taken him hostage after mistaking him as the target. As Monisha and Indravadan attempt to deal with the ransom, Rosesh’s special demands and refusal to go back home lead to a series of comic misunderstandings. Witness the Sarabhai family navigate this hilarious dilemma with an equally unexpected end!

Chali Gaayi Maya Ki Awaaz – Episode 6

Tragedy strikes the Sarabhai family when their beloved uncle Popat Lal passes away. Maya, who wants to sing at the funeral, loses her voice after she eats food prepared by Monisha. Indravadan, too, changes some lyrics from popular Bollywood numbers and plans to sing them to match the occasion.

Monisha Banee Sophisticated – Episode 65

One of Maya’s favourite catch-phrases throughout the show was “Monisha, how middle-class.” As someone with a higher-than-average superiority complex, Maya can’t stand Monisha’s decidedly middle-class behaviour. But there comes a time when Monisha undergoes a makeover thanks to her her mother-in-law’s insistence, turning into the epitome of sophistication. That, of course, irritates Maya even more!

Monisha Ke Sapne Mein Maya – Episode 54

Known for her snooty upper-class airs, Maya finally gets a taste of her own medicine after losing her memory in an accident. Not only does she forget her family, but she also forgets that she’s not middle class. This turn of events leaves the family—excluding Monisha—confused and amused.

Ghar Ka Mechanic Dushyant – Episode 29

While the main cast is phenomenal, the show also has a stellar roster of guest stars, such as Maya and Indravadan’s son-in-law Dushyant! Do you recall the gadget freak who likes to give demos for almost everything? Here he tries his best to repair the family fridge, but things don’t go according to plan.

Hypnotised Indravadhan – Episode 40

Maya, always the skeptic, is talked into attending a hypnosis session by her friends, though they can’t stop her from voicing her skepticism throughout. The hypnotist Dr. Siddharth decides to mesmerise none other than Indravadan as revenge. The patriarch then finds himself embodying his own wife—with the goal to find the right shade of burgundy lipstick.

Rosesh Ki Jhooti Shaadi – Episode 48

Rosesh just can’t help being the centre of attention. In this episode, Maya decides to paly match-maker, enlisting her friend’s niece to marry her favourite son. A panicked Rosesh confesses to his mother that he’s already married, and even has a son. His vivid descriptions of his secret family leave Ajanta, the potential bride, and his mother feeling betrayed. But it turns out, it was all a lie. Hilarious shenanigans ensue.


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