Throwback Thursday: The Funniest ‘Khichdi’ Episodes To Watch Before The Movie Drops

By DA Staff 7 September 2023 2 mins read

Here are our favourite episodes from this Indian television comedy classic.

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Constantly rewatching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Office is definitely fun, but all of us who grew up during the 2000s have a special place in our hearts for the comedy shows of the time. After taking a look at the cult classic Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai a couple of weeks back, we are back with another hefty dose of nostalgia and revisiting Khichdi.

The instant-hit show chronicled the lives of the Parekhs, the archetypal dysfunctional family. Based on a play, it’s the only Indian sitcom to have evolved into a movie and web series since its debut two decades ago. And the writers and makers of the show have no plans of stopping there. The Parekhs are making a comeback this Diwali with Khichdi 2, a comedy-adventure film starring all the original actors in their iconic roles.

While we wait for the film to drop, we decided to binge-watch the cult series once again and have handpicked some of our favourite episodes for people who want to relive the show’s hilarious glory and for newbies to know what the hype is all about. Babuji’s exasperation, Hansa’s naivety, Praful’s tenuous grasp of the English language and Himanshu’s desperation for love are all on full display. While all the episodes are available on Hotstar, you can also find them on Star Bharat’s YouTube channel. Just hit play and get ready for a riot!

The Parekhs Win A Lottery

Jayeshree Has A Housewarming Party

Praful Goes To Jail… And Not For His English

The Family Learns How To Act

How Do You Deal With Two Hansas?

The Parekh Family Buys A… Hospital?

Praful The Detective


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